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International Windship Association | June 18, 2024

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Advanced Wing Systems – IWSA Member

Advanced Wing Systems – IWSA Member

Advanced Wing Systems is the developer of the SRW (Semi Rigid Wing) sail.  This wing sail system is unique in that it uses a pair of fully battened sails which operate in unison to create a rigid aerofoil structure. 

This system reduces the weight and cost of the wing and allows simple stowing and reefing.  The system also provided significant control over the geometry of the wing allowing optimisation of the wing set-up.  Asymmetry, camber, twist and span wise section thickness are all easily controlled.  The system has been tried and proven in yachting and has been in use for several years.  The implementations in yachting have demonstrated the simplicity, robustness and low weight of the system.  The SRW has a very low part count compared to other wing systems and the parts are simple and robust. The design is flexible and can be deployed in stayed or free-standing configurations.  The simplicity of the control systems makes it an ideal candidate for automation.  SRW design concepts have been tried and proven at the very pinnacle of yachting with our technology being instrumental in the development of the wing sails used by New York Yacht Club American Magic in their challenge for the America’s Cup.  The K8 Sports 8m yacht, equipped with the SRW was the winner of the Yachts and Yachting Sportsboat of the Year in 2016.

The team at Advanced Wing Systems includes Engineers, Shipwrights and Naval Architects. We have many years’ experience in yachting and commercial shipping.  Drawing on this we have developed design concepts for commercial shipping which address both performance and operational requirements for wind assisted shipping.  Advanced Wing Systems shipping solutions minimise air draft in port yet maximise operational performance.  They can be self-deploying and fully automated.  The modular design allows for flexible business models and simplified maintenance with most maintenance being done onshore.

Our current implementations are for 15-20m sailing vessels.  However, the system lends itself to scaling to very large sizes. Conceptual designs up to 400m^2 have been developed.

So, whether your project is a small sail assisted cargo vessel or a large ocean freighter, Advanced Wing Systems can provide a solution.

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Address19 Bristol Avenue
Bicton, 6157
Western Australia
Tel+61 4 1994 2406