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Archive News 2017

  • On December 31, 2017

December 2017

Le Marin p1

21 Dec – IWSA member Neoline are on the frontpage of Le Marin, with a 3-page article on the project inside. “… an article to the return of sail in maritime transport at a the time of realization that it is necessary to exploit all the resources of technology, including those that turn towards techniques to diversify energy sources and increase the share of renewable energy while aiming for economic equilibrium.”

IWSA logo

Happy Holidays to all IWSA members around the world and our ever expanding network of supporters. The Executive committee and Secretary general wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year and look forward to both the strategy review at the AGM in February and building on the solid work doen over the last few years.

Voorspoedige nuwe jaar // Kul ‘am wa antum bikhair // Xin nian yu kuai //Godt Nytí…r // Gelukkig nieuwjaar // Onnellista uutta vuotta // Bonne année //Ein frohes neues Jahr // Ευτυχισμένος ο καινούργιος χρόνος! // Hauoli Makahiki hou// Shana Tova // Selamat Tahun Baru // Felice Anno Nuovo or Buon anno // Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu// Sehe Bokmanee Bateuseyo // Felix sit annus novus // Godt Nytt í…r // Manigong Bagong Taon// Ia manuia le Tausaga Fou // Feliz año nuevo // Heri za Mwaka Mpya// Sawatdee Pi Mai // Chuc mung nam moi // Blwyddyn Newydd Dda// Nava Varsh Ki Haardik Shubh Kaamnaayen//Me Nomuni na marau ni siga ni sucu kei na tawase ni yabaki vou


15 Dec – Support Operation Phoexix – Crowdfunding help for TOWT to rebuild their operations

Operation Phoenix, rebuilding TOWT operations after the fire that engulfed their warehouse
On Wednesday, November 15, late in the morning, the “Norwegian” houses in the southern corner of Douarnenez’s “Place de l’Enfer”(“Hell Square”) became engulfed in a devastating fire, as powerful as it was spectacular. Their storage space and family home, where Diana and Guillaume live with their little girl, were destroyed in this fire.

The immense outpouring of support from the whole town of Douarnenez and beyond, has given them the comfort and moral strength necessary to go back “down the mine” to recover traces of their “life before”. It has especially given them the opportunity to look further in terms of the company, the boats, the routes, the Port-Rhu … and their initiative to shape sail cargo shipping and build a decarbonated future!
Support this initiative –

Lo Entropy

12 Dec – Refit of Sail Cargo Vessel – Lo Entropy
SV Lo Entropy is currently being refitted in Hundestad, Denmark.

The aim is to upgrade the vessel for colder northern climes, and to carry up to 36 tonnes of cargo along with 4 cabins for a total of 8 passengers and a complement of 3 full time crew. This will allow the vessel to operate throughout the year in the Baltic Sea region/Kattegat and North Sea carrying both freight and passengers simultaneously, as well as the ability to undertake dive and other bespoke charter work when not carrying cargo, with 12 passengers.

Please check the website and any thoughts or advice on routes, securing cargo or if you would like to get involved with the project, whether as investors, skilled labour or advisors, please contact them.




06 Dec – MTCC Stakeholders Committee, International Maritime Organisation (IMO), London – The IWSA Secretary attended the opening event for this advisory committee. Delighted to meet the impressive team members that are staffing the 5 new Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres in Africa, Caribbean, Asia, Pacific and Latin America. IWSA is looking forward to actively engaging with the important work to be undertaken by these MTCC centres

04 Dec – Global MTCC Network – Launch Event, IMO HQ, London

November 2017


21 Nov – Bremen Sustainable Shipping Conference, Bremen, Germany
IWSA Secretary delivers one of the keynote addresses focusing both on wind propulsion and also on the deliverables from the Ambition 1.5C event.

15 Nov – Press Conference – German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety Bldg, 1400-1530 – thank you to BMUB for hosting the press conference and for supporting the Ambition 1.5C event as a whole.


13 Nov – Main Event: Ambition 1.5C: Global Shipping’s Action Plan, COP23, Bonn, Germany – a very successful event drawing together 150 leading industry experts, shipowners, technology providers and NGO’s along with 15 COP23 national delegations and ambassadors. There is still much to do to decarbonise the sector, however the goodwill and momentum coming out of this event is great. Further work on the Action plan itself is underway and we look forward to delivering more tangible outcomes and projects in the New Year.

10 Nov – Side Event: inside COP23 ‘Bonn Zone’ 1700-1800, German Pavilion – thank you to the attentive audience that joined us for this event. Also a big thank you to Lloyds Register, Sustainable Shipping Initiative, Peaceboat and NABU for participating in the interesting panel discussion.


Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) conference at Euroports, Rotterdam 08 Nov
5 presenters on wind propulsion projects and the hybrid systems required by wind assist and wind auxilliary vessels, including an update from IWSA Secretary, Norsepower & Bound4Blue projects.


Global Renewable Energy Solutions Showcase (GRESS) Conference – 07 Nov, Bonn, Germany
IWSA Secretary presented update of wind propulsion for commercial shipping to some of the leading developers of renewable energy worldwide. Thank you to our collaborative partner World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) for hosting and organising the event .

October 2017


Ambition 1.5C: Global Shipping’s Action Plan – 13 Nov
Next month IWSA will be participating in this important shipping event at the COP23 summit in Bonn, Germany. As one of the co-orgnaisers of the event, along with LR, MAN, Danish Shipping, Rightship, Green Ship of the Future & MARIKO, we have been deeply involved with putting the event together. The event will bring together 150 leading experts in the maritime, logistics, finance and technology fields to work on tangible actions to make a resilient, profitable and sustainable industry under a very tightly limited carbon budget. We are looking forward to working with our colleagues in the industry, engaging with NGO’s and UNFCCC delegates throughout this process and beyond.

Schedule of Events:
10 Nov – Side Event: inside COP23 ‘Bonn Zone’ 1700-1800, German Pavilion
13 Nov – Main Event: Ambition 1.5C: Global Shipping’s Action Plan
15 Nov – Press Conference – German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety Bldg, 1400-1530


Article (Ship & Bunker): Shipping Veteran Backs Zero-Emissions Using Sail Power


27 October – IMO MTCC Stakeholders Committee – The IWSA Secretary will be sitting on this committee, which will be advising, promoting and helping to develop networks of the 5 new Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres in Africa, Caribbean, Asia, Pacific and Latin America. We look forward to actively engaging with the important work to be undertaken by the MTCC centres, and applaud both the IMO and EU in implementing this program for these developing regions.


25 October – Green Investment Finance Forum , OECD, Paris – IWSA Secretary attended these proceedings and very interested to learn about the developments in green finance, while the feeling of many participants was that all finance needs to be ‘green’, strongly moving away from ‘black’ carbon investments – we hope that sentiment continues to grow quickly and that we see much larger scale investment moves into renewable, resilient and ultra low impact investments in the very near future – urgent, ambitous and well crafted progress is needed.

IWSA logo

24 October – Nantes, France – Meeting of the French Wind Propulsion Cluster group discussing how to develop the program, finance and projects/collaborations going forward. Our colleague, Florent Violain, is coordinating these activities and we look forward to developing stronger ties with the maritime cluster, shipping companies, research institutions and the Nantes and the Pays d’Loire administrations in the future.


23-24 October – The Sail Cargo Network (SCN) team, supported by IWSA, will meet in Emden, North Germany at the EU Dualports conference to discuss the development of the North Sea sailing cargo network, progress and the pilot project for 2018.


On 07-08 November, the World Wind Energy Association will host the Global Renewable Energy Solutions Showcase (GRESS) at COP23, Bonn. During the COP23, the Renewable Eenergy industry will present its solutions in the context of a stand-alone event against the
COP23 delegates, including many decision-makers from governments, international organizations and NGOs. The two main main topics will be full renewable energy supply and decentralization as an important characteristic of such RE supply. There will be a focus on transport solutions as part of the program and IWSA is proud to be an official supporter of this event.


16-17 October – 2nd International Green Shipping Summit Rotterdam – Venue: Hilton Hotel, Weena 10, 3012 CM Rotterdam, Netherlands
IWSA secretary, Gavin Allwright will moderate one of the panels at this summit.
Contact IWSA Secretary for discount details for IWSA members.


10-13 October – 12th GreenPort & GreenCruise Congress
IWSA official supporter

This will be held in Amsterdam this year, supported by the Port of Amsterdam, providing decision makers from the port community – port authorities, terminal operators, shipping lines, logistics operators – with a meeting place to both learn about and discuss the latest in sustainable development and environmental practice to enable them to effectively implement the changes needed to reduce their carbon footprint and to be more sensitive to environmental considerations. The Congress aims to highlight innovations in equipment and technology to allow port users to adhere to policy, whilst illustrating practical solutions through case studies from the global logistics chain.

With the ongoing increase in numbers of passengers enjoying cruises, the GreenPort Cruise Conference provides a platform from which cruise terminal operators and other cruise stakeholders, including city representatives and cruise lines, can meet to discuss the many environmental issues surrounding this expanding industry.

This year Greenport will feature a presentation by IWSA executive commitee member, Madadh MaClaine on the development of a sail cargo network in the North Sea – Thursday 12 October 1640-1700 Program download

Contact IWSA Secretary for discount details for IWSA members.

September 2017


28 Sept – IWSA secretary presented windship developments, integrated propulsion hybrid systems and the need to look at the sector challenges from a systems approach. Excellent presentation on the developments in wind energy and direct propulsion kites, solar boat challenges etc. at IDTech Independent Electric Vehicles Conference at TU Delft, Netherlands.


Ambition 1.5oC: Global Shipping’s Action Plan summit at COP23 designated as an Official Climate Partner. The summit has been officially endorsed by a jury consisting of the UNFCCC partners; the incoming Fijian Presidency of COP23, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and the City of Bonn. IWSA and the other co-organisers also extend a thank you to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) for their continued support in hosting a post summit press conference at their offices in Bonn at 1500-1630 on 15th November. If you would like to attend this press conference please contact me at or the event organisers.


19 Sept – Press Release: Ambition 1.5oC: Global Shipping’s Action Plan summit at COP23
in English or in other Languages (German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese)
This event on 13th November in Bonn, will gather 150-200 invited, influential industry representatives and UNFCCC delegates to take action and create an Action Plan for the decarbonisation of the shipping industry. Work undertaken and subsequent strategies developed within the Action Plan will consider and include all active industry environmental work streams and initiatives. IWSA is proud to be one of the co-organisers and coordinator of this event, along with Danish Shipping, Lloyd’s Register, MARIKO, MAN Diesel Turbo, Green Ship of the Future and RightShip. Advisors include Sustainable Shipping Initiative and Carbon War Room.


Official Reviewer of the First Order Draft of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report: Global Warming of 1.5 °C – An important document outlining the critical development challenges facing the world under 1.5 °C. IWSA highlighting the need for an urgent, coordinated approach to the challenges of shipping at both a global and local scale and the swift uptake of low carbon technologies and operational approaches.


04-05 September – Shipping in Changing Climates – International Conference 2017

Taking place a week before the London International Shipping Week 2017, 4th -5th September 2017, the Shipping in Changing Climates consortium’s fourth international conference in association with Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST), will present new research from academia and industry on the latest perspectives on shipping efficiency and emissions. University College London, Roberts Building, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE



GreenCruise & GreenPorts Congress is in it’s 12th year, and will be held in 10-13 October 2017 in Amsterdam, supported by the Port of Amsterdam, providing decision makers from the port community – port authorities, terminal operators, shipping lines, logistics operators – with a meeting place to both learn about and discuss the latest in sustainable development and environmental practice to enable them to effectively implement the changes needed to reduce their carbon footprint and to be more sensitive to environmental considerations.
IWSA is an official supporter and IWSA members are entitled to a 10% discount to attend, they can either book online via the link below, using the code GP memdiscgpc or contact the Events Team on 01329 825335.

August 2017

Lloyd’s List Article – What will power shipping in 2050?

Recent Lloyd’s List article has been attracting quite a bit of interest, 14 experts in the shipping field were asked their opinion on what would power shipping by 2050, the vast majority stated that wind propulsion would be the key development going forward (including IWSA), followed by batteries/electric tech.


Call for Papers – 2nd International Conference on Smart & Green Technology for the Future of Marine Industries taking place on 23-24 April 2018, Glasgow, UK – call for papers deadline 17th November – More information can be viewed here


21-22 August – World Expo 2017 – Astana, Kazakhstan – IWSA guest presentation & engagement with world renewable energy sector & clean tech investment . Presentation during the Future Energy Forum – Conference 10, “Energy Solutions for the Climate Change Problem”
The Astana EXPO-2017 Future Energy Forum takes place in the Congress-Center located northwest of the main exhibition site. (21-22 August)


14-15 August – World Maritime University – 2-day seminar as part of Sustainability Project Development Seminar Series– preparing students to develop maritime sustainable develop projects on return to their respective countries. [Education Program]

July 2017

University of Tokyo Logo

21 July – University of Tokyo – IWSA seminar – Thank you to Waseda-sensei and the research team at the Department of Ocean Technology Policy and Environment, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences for organising the seminar, glad to see such a good turnout and also very interesting presentations on the latest developments in the Wind Challenger developments and test results. [Education Program]


20 July – Visit to Land based Test rig for the UT WindChallenger project –
at Iknow engineering, in Sasebo, near Nagasaki, Kyushu, Japan. The 1:2.5 scale test rig has produced solid, reliable and encouraging test data over the past 2 years of operation. Well located on a hill overlooking the bay, the rig has experienced a wide range of wind and marine conditions, however the team is now eager to move into the next stage of sea trials and the search for the best MOL operated, Oshima shipyard built bulker is underway. Looking forward to positive news in the second half of the year.


19 July – Visit to Mitsui OSK lines (MOL) HQ in Tokyo: presentation of IWSA and international wind propulsion developments. Meeting regarding the UT Wind Challenger project which will see large wind propulsion rigs retrofitted to MOL bulkers in the near future, a significant part of MOL’s low carbon/environment plans


Conference – 2nd International Green Shipping Summit
16-17 October, Rotterdam – Venue: Hilton Hotel, Weena 10, 3012 CM Rotterdam, Netherlands Contact IWSA Secretary for discount details for IWSA members.

14 July – IWSA Secretary Meeting with Peaceboat team in
Tokyo – exciting developments in the Ecoship project – looking forward to making further announcements in the near future – view video here


10 July – Meeting at ABTA HQ in London, IWSA secretary presenting wind propulsion developments to Sustainable Cruise group along with new Rotor Sail installation announcements on ferry/cruise vessels by Norsepower and Ecoship – new build – LOI announcement by Peaceboat.


03-07 July MEPC71 proceedings at IMO. IWSA representative attending the week long discussions, with a strong focus on pushing forward with the decarbonisation agenda, HFO use restrictions in the Arctic and other issues. The growing momentum on the decarbonisation agenda will lead to a very interesting year, as the industry chooses whether to move ahead with ambituous plans to aim at a significant contribution in line with a 1.5C target and the subsequent urgent and deep cuts that will be required. MEPC72 in April 2018 will be an important meeting, but a lot of work to do before that date.


November – Event Development Announcement: COP23, Bonn, Germany – Development is underway for a commercial and technology focused, industry-led event underway November 2017 – more details to follow soon

June 2017


IWSA Meeting: Nantes, France – Un hub Europe Atlantique de l’IWSA à Nantes, lancement le 29 juin Further information

boat_sample_02-2PB Nor-Shipping

Congratulations to our members Peaceboat on taking the important step forward with the signing of the Ecoship shipbuild LOI with the Finnish yard Arctech Helsinki – see Press Release _ArcPBDNVGL

May 2017


Meet the Norsepower team at Nor-Shipping 2017 (30 May -02 June) and check out the live demo of our award-winning Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution!

Visit Norsepower’s booth (Hall D, stand D03-28C)

norsepower norshipping graphic


Press Release: Come Aboard the Sail Cargo Vessel Ceiba – Own part of the Sail Cargo Future SAILCARGO INC. Press Release

SailCargo Inc. , Costa Rica, a young cargo shipping company is seeking investors – now has a build site in Punta Morales, transport equipment, capital, and committed employees added to its team of experienced project managers.

MARIN_HEX 012169_outlined_01-04-14

Research PaperOperational Performance of Wind Assisted Ships
Rogier Eggers, MARIN, Wageningen/Netherlands,

Abstract : The ‘Wind Hybrid Coaster’ was a sub project in MARITIM (2016) under the European INTERREG Deutschland-Nederland programme within which Dutch and German partners from the maritime industry and research institutions were developing a new type of “green” coastal ship equipped with a wind assisted hybrid propulsion system. MARIN was asked to predict the performance of the Wind Hybrid Coaster in a realistic operational scenario.

For this purpose MARIN conducted a large number of hydrodynamic model tests, powering predictions in calm water including wind assistance and finally voyage simulations for multiple routes including voyage optimisation.

IWSA logo

Latest News & Discussion

For the latest news and discussion on wind propulsion developments join our linkedin discussion group: International Windship Association

You can also follow us on twitter @iwsa_secretary



Electric and Hybrid Marine World Conference 2017 – 06-08 June
IWSA is an Official Supporter of the conference taking place in Amsterdam on 6-8 June.

The only international conference on Hybrid & Electric Ship Technology: Dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and cut fuel costs – if you are interested in hearing about the latest technology, the latest projects, and speaking to industry leaders, you must attend the conference. Click Here to view the full programme – Over 50 Speakers, PLUS Meet Almost 200 Exhibitors.

IWSA members recieve a 15% discount for conference tickets – please contact with your details and we will arrange that directly

Presentation: Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary will be presenting an updated overview of the Wind Propulsion sector on Day 3: Thursday 8th June 2017 Session: Innovative Hybrid Solutions
Speaker slot: 16:25 – 16:50

New IWSA Members – Welcome Aboard!

Windship - Rigs on Ship - Windship Logos-2
Windship Technology (UK)
– IWSA member

Claudio Boezio – Naval architect (Germany)

April 2017

Maersk P-Class Illustration with two 30x5 Norsepower Rotor Sails
Norshipping 2017: Young Enterpeneur of the Year goes to….Tuomas Riski, CEO of Norsepower, developer of Norsepower Rotor Sails. Congratulations Tuomas and we look forward to many more young wind propulsion entrepeneurs winning the prestigous award in the coming years.
Read Article:


39th Motorship Propulsion & Emission Conference – 10-11 May, Grand Elysee Hotel, Hamburg ,Germany – IWSA official supporting organisation

Building or retrofitting vessels fit for the future, whatever it may hold, is more challenging than ever before. Environmental regulations, economic pressures and technological advances are already reshaping how the global merchant fleet is fuelled, powered and equipped. In light of these challenges, the 39th Motorship Propulsion & Emission Conference brings together owners/operators and equipment manufacturers to discuss technical advances and in-the-field experiences that will equip the industry to ‘future-proof’ the global merchant fleet.
Download Conference Programme: 39th Prop&Emiss 2017 Conf Prog

Book online at
IWSA members recieve additional 10% discount for bookings or you can contact: secretary(at) to arrange that.


22 AprilTimbercoast‘s S/V Avontuur has it’s arrival party in Bremen today, bringing 20 tons of coffee from the Caribbean.
Read Article:

Message from Timbercoast & Arrival festival details:

We wish you and your family a very happy Easter Holiday and we trust you will find all the chocolate eggs on the Easter hunt! We invite you to join us for the AVONTUUR Arrival Festival in either Bremen on April 22nd or in Eslfleth on April 29th. Saturday, April 22nd at the Bremen Europahafen – Konsul-Schmidt-Str. 10 join us in celebration of World Earth Day.

11:00 Begin
11:30 AVONTUUR Arrival
12-13 Open Ship
13-17 Coffee unloading
17:00 Open Ship

Entertainment Program:
11:00 FREE All day sailing for kids
13:30 Music by bye bye
14:30 Capitan Bockermann Address
15:00 Music by Jana Hansmann
17:00 Music by Nagelritz

Organic coffee transported between continents by wind, the sailing cargo ship the AVONTUUR will arrive in Bremen on Earth Day 2017 signalling a fundamental shift towards a truly sustainable shipping culture. What better way to wake people up to the lackluster approach of the shipping industry towards global warming than through a cup of coffee?
Germany is the largest coffee importer in the European Union and Bremen is the city at the centre of the trade. Within Germany, the shipping of this daily ritual emits over 160,000 tons of CO2 per year which equivalent to 35,000 passenger vehicles be driven for one year.

In cooperation with EU Dual Port Project, IWSA and BREMEN BIKE IT.

Can you help us unload the coffee? If so, please right us back to

18 April


Linneaus University/Maritime Academy, Kalmar, Sweden Greening Maritime Transport – lecture and seminar – EU Vasco de Gama program. Discussing Sustainable Shipping and Wind Propulsion Technology, innovation and uptake in particular. Focused on where the technology and the industry are going in the coming decade. The challenges & interactions that the wind shipping industry faces when dealing with the industry, regulators, ports, transport consumers etc. The goals of the IWSA and the steps that need to be taken to reach a more sustainable future in commercial shipping.


March 2017

IWSA logo

10 April – IWSA Meeting – we will hold a meeting from 1300-1700 on the day before the Natural Propulsion Seminar (below), at the same venue, please contact me if you would like to attend: Gavin Allwright, Secretary,

Blueweek graphic
Natural Propulsion Seminar, 11 April – IWSA in association with MARIN & Blueweek – 10-13th April, Den Helder, Netherlands. IWSA Secretary, Gavin Allwright will chair this year’s Natural Propulsion Seminar with an extensive list of expert presenters:

  • Reduction and market potentials of wind propulsion technologies for ships and how to reach them – CE Delft
  • Analysis of the reduction potential of wind propulsion technologies for ships – Tyndall Centre
  • Wind Assist Ship Performance Prediction – Strathclyde University
  • Quantifying the attainable fuel savings with wind assisted propulsion – Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Wind assistance and target reduction of the EEDI – MARIN
  • Analysis of the market potential and economic effects of wind propulsion technologies for ships – Fraunhofer ISI
  • Low hanging fruits in energy use and operator perspective towards Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) – MARIN
  • Flettner-rotor technology – MARIKO and Hochschule Emden-Leer
  • Wingship system – Windship Technology
  • Maritime Transport 2.0 – Blue Technology
  • WASP, the status of DNA involvement and selected test cases – Dykstra Naval Architects



Maersk P-Class Illustration with two 30x5 Norsepower Rotor Sails
14 March: Announcement

Norsepower announced a collaboration project with Royal Dutch Shell, Maersk Tankers and ETI to test two of their 30m rotor sails on a 109,000dwt Tanker. The rotor sails are due to be installed in the first half of 2018 and tested until the end of 2019.

Financial Times Article:


Education Program
24 March – IWSA Secretary: Lecture & Seminar
on Wind propulsion, Innovation and Sustainable Shipping at the World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden

IWSA Secretary on Panel Discussion – What will post-2020 ship look like? – Thursday 23 Mar, 09:25 – 10:00 at Green Ship Technology (GST) 2017 [Shipping2030 co-located with Green Ship Technology Europe] IWSA Official Supporting Organisation
22 – 23 March 2017
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen


CMA 2017 – 32nd Annual Shipping Conference & Exhibition
Hilton Hotel, Stamford, Connecticut, USA
20-23 March 2017
IWSA Official Supporting Organisation
IWSA members contact for ticket discount details
Register Here


February 2017


Green Ship Technology (GST) 2017
[Shipping2030 co-located with Green Ship Technology Europe]
IWSA Official Supporting Organisation
22 – 23 March 2017
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen

Over 400 industry professionals will gather at the co-located Shipping2030 Europe and Green Ship Technology conferences to explore innovations and improvements for environmental excellence, get up to date with new regulatory developments and explore how technology will shape the future of shipping.
Events will dig deep into the key industry issues and devise innovative solutions to real business problems that can be implemented now, covering everything from smart ships, connectivity, big data, ballast water management and sulphur cap through to policy updates, new disruptive technologies and the future.
IWSA members can save 15%! Simply use promotional code MPFKT3287IWSA on the basket page during registration or visit

January 2017

Newly Released
EU commissioned report on: Study on the Analysis of Market Potentials & Market Barriers for Wind Propulsion Technologies for Ships

The study report, commissioned by the European Commission DG Climate Action last year, has been released. The CE Delft led team has covered a lot of ground and one of the headline conclusions includes: “In 2030, the market potential could amount to around 3,700–10,700 installed systems on bulkers and tankers, associated with approximately 3.5–7.5 Mt CO2 savings and 6,500–8,000 direct and 8,500–10,000 indirect jobs.”

IWSA will continue it work to facilitate and help to secure funding to assist with this scaling up of the sector in 2017-18, applying many of these recommendations to our EU activities and informing our programs worldwide. We look forward to sharing further developments with you in the near future.

Further details can be requested from CE Delft

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