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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Bessie Ellen – IWSA Member

Bessie Ellen – IWSA Member


Bessie Ellen is a small project designed to protect and use historical vessels offering a new lease of life by mixing sailing charter and sustainable cargo transport.

By providing sail transported products on board and donating to existing organisations, we can help promote the cause and support the importance of sustainable shipping within windship community. Now predominantly a sailing charter vessel, Bessie Ellen was one of the first sailing ships in the UK to apply and granted a licence from the MCA for 50 tons of cargo. Since carrying 25 tons of organic wine from France to Ireland in 2010, the team have been exploring & meeting those involved in supplying cargo and finding end users to create a stronger network of supply and demand within the Westcountry. To sustain both shipping costs and cargo demand – Bessie Ellen will look to carrying smaller high value cargoes directfrom shipper to end user.


IWSA Member
AddressThe Coach House
St Tudy Bodmin
PL30 3NH Cornwall
United Kingdom
Phone01208 850172
EmailNikki Alford