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International Windship Association | July 14, 2024

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Beyond the Sea – IWSA Supporter

Beyond the Sea – IWSA Supporter

Created by Yves PARLIER in 2014, Beyond the Sea is a French company specializing in the towing of ships by Kite. Our goal is to make efficient, universal and essential kite traction for vessels of all sizes, using the wind as a source of energy.

The kite traction project, straight from the Kitesurf technology aims to use the wind as the sole source of energy. Beyond the Sea®, created 2014, is a resolutely innovative project in the purest respect for the environment.

The principle is simple. Beyond the Sea® offers wings of all sizes, capable of handling some or all the energy needed to pull the ship, depending on the navigation area, the performance and characteristics of the boat and the operator’s goals.

The Kite, connected to a fixed point of the ship, will be chosen in movement, or fixed according to the desired traction force, all in perfect safety. The control of the wing can be ensured automatically, or manually. Kite works both upwind and downwind.

IWSA Supporter

Tel05 57 15 22 62
EmailMr Yves PARLIER - Président