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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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Britannia Sailing Trust – IWSA Supporter

Britannia Sailing Trust – IWSA Supporter

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Britannia Sailing Trust’s objectives are to restore and preserve the 102 year old sailing ship, Britannia, and to ensure that she is maintained and kept sailing in the future.  During the rebuild we will be training volunteers of all ages, experience and abilities in the craft of wooden ship-building, and then once launched,  we will be offering berths to individuals, companies or groups to learn traditional sailing and navigation.

Throughout the rebuild, the community will be encouraged to get involved and to not only connect with the heritage but to actively participate in a programme to reduce harmful waste that ends up in the sea and poisoning wildlife.  We will work with local schools, both primary and secondary, and other organisations offering them work placements, and volunteering opportunities.

Once she is sailing again, our main purpose will be to use Britannia as a flagship to raise awareness of climate change, waste and the pollution which is destroying our oceans.  We are working in partnership with other environmental organisations,  and by sailing to harbours and ports in the South West of England, attending events and festivals and hosting educational, quayside events, we will be engaging the public and fulfilling our environmental remit.  Britannia is a special ship, the last of her kind and has always been a huge attraction for the public wherever she goes.  It will be a fitting role for a beautiful old working ship, as she has been throughout her long life.

Wind Assist Activity

Britannia is a 60 foot gaff rigged Cutter, built for sail, with no other propulsion.  In the thirties and forties her rig was cut down and a large diesel engine fitted for her to continue fishing in the north sea as a trawler.   We bought her in 1973 and restored her to a sailing boat with a marine diesel auxiliary engine, which was necessary for passenger transport and safety.   However, she is still primarily a sailing boat and most of her sea miles are logged under sail, only using her engine for a very few hours a week.


We have been considering, and have a quote for an electric engine, but due to lack of funds will probably not be able to install this in the near future.  However it is not out of the question.   Meanwhile we shall continue to sail using wind power alone for the majority of our voyages as we have done throughout the last forty years .

We support wholeheartedly the use of windpower as an alternative propulsion   for transport and cargo ships and hope that the IWSA will be able to promote this as a real viable alternative.  We will do all we can as individuals and as an organisation to share information and to lobby regional and national governments at every opportunity.


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