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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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CargoKite – IWSA Associate Member

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CargoKite is developing a new ship class for zero emission and high-speed maritime transportation. The ship is the 21st century version of a sailing ship, just a lot faster, more efficient and above all reliable. Main propulsion is a kite that flies at more than 100 metres of altitude to use wind energy most effectively.

Our innovative vessel concept utilizes the energy of high-altitude winds right at the place of occurrence in the most efficient manner by combining two technologies that have not been deployed commercially as one system before. The actively controlled hydrofoils as part of our novel ship design enable us to increase the power resulting from the kite system by 480% compared to existing kite supported vessel solutions that are already available today. This also corresponds to the ship being able to achieve a cruising speed up to 1.6 times higher than the wind velocity.


IWSA Associate Member
AddressLiebherrstrasse 20
80538 München