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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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CoFlow Jet – IWSA Full Member

CoFlow Jet Rendering

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We are developing stationary rigid wind sails using our patented ultra-high lift CoFlow Jet (CFJ) cylinders (no rotation) to harness propulsive power from ocean wind. Our current focus is on cargo ships aiming at 20%-50% fuel reduction for large cargo ships. The stationary CFJ cylinders are compact with high power density and can be used for all marine commercial and recreational ships.

Ultra-High Lift Rigid Wind Sails Enabled by CoFlow Jet:
CoFlow Jet is an advanced active flow control technology to generate ultra-high lift coefficient. It is funded by various government agencies (NASA, DARPA, ARFL, NSF, EBPT). A CFJ cylinder is stationary and does not need to rotate. If the wind is from the left (west), a small amount of air mass flow is drawn into the cylinder at 4 o’clock position on the leeward side of the cylinder, pressurized and energized by a low pressure fan system inside the cylinder, and then injected near the 12 o’clock position tangent to the cylinder surface. Such a flow control mechanism generates a very high lift coefficient (CL≥20) pointing to north without rotating the cylinder at a very low energy expenditure.


IWSA Full Member
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