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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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D-ICE Engineering – IWSA Full Member

D-ICE Engineering – IWSA Full Member


D-ICE is a French company based in Nantes and Paris focusing on scientific challenges about hydrodynamics, optimization, control and data science. Our team of PhD and engineers is highly motivated to develop solutions for decarbonizing the shipping industry and producing clean energy.

D-ICE offers solutions and products for design and operation of wind assisted ships.
From high fidelity simulation with FRyDoM to statistical weather routing with SATORI, we propose various engineering tools to accurately estimate ship performances and wind propulsion associated savings. With our navigation system OCEANiCS, specially designed for hybrid vessels, bridge officers will be able to perform navigation, route optimization, autopilot and performance analysis through one single solution for a better user experience.

IWSA Full Member
AddressD-ICE Engineering
1 rue de la Noe
44321 Nantes
Tel+33 2 40 37 53 25