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International Windship Association | June 16, 2024

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Grain de Sail – IWSA Full Member

The adventure Grain de sail was born in 2010 with our feet in the water in Morlaix, Brittany and a bold idea to go to the other side of the world in the most eco-friendly way and to pick up chocolate and coffee with our own unique transportation method: the cargo sailboat!

Completed at the end of 2020, our schooner-type cargo sailboat of 80 feet has a payload capacity of 50 tons and a state-of-the-art climate and stability-controlled hull for the goods. The Grain de Sail cargo sailboat has undergone significant computer model testing to meet international merchant shipping regulation and has been independently-certified by Bureau Veritas. Our ship travels from St Malo, France to New York City with up to 20 000 bottles of wine cases before heading down the Dominican Republic to load up on cacao and coffee and then returning to France. Two transatlantic roundtrips occur per year (one in spring and one in fall of approximately 3 months each).


IWSA Full Member
Address4 route du bas de la rivière 29600 Morlaix France
Tel+33 298 624 091
EmailStefan Gallard
Chief Marketing Officer