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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Green Marine Concepts BV – IWSA Supporter

Green Marine Concepts BV – IWSA Supporter

Development of a prototype motorsailer: Autark-Zero. A completely self-sufficient and emission-free yacht of 12m, equipped with electric propulsion and a carbon wing-sail.

The retractable wing-sail serves 3 purposes: sail, solar harvester and cockpit roof. The wingsail has a A-symmetrical airfoil for maximum lift-coefficient; trailing edge flaps can trim the wingsail to optimal
camber. Covered in PVcells potentially harvesting 5kW.
Control is completely automated; all moving parts are electrically powered: wing-sail, mast, dagger
boards, rudders and engines, everything being controlled centrally by the autopilot system, enabling
automated and even autonomous tactical sailing. The innovative design has been patented.

IWSA Supporter
AddressAfkelansdyk 14
8625 TD Oppenhuizen
the Netherlands
Phone+316 55331289