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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Inerjy – IWSA Member

Inerjy – IWSA Member


The Gemma One by Inerjy is a new generation clean vessel: a practical, safe, amenity-rich, highly automated boat that can be fully powered by renewable energy, offering nearly unlimited remote operation. The wind turbine is able to power and store the energy from the winds on the water so even when the vessel is stationary it is producing and storing power.

• Cycles averages are days long supporting battery life of decades
• Eliminate concerns about getting bad fuel
• Proper system architecture provides for multiple redundancies
• Compared to an automobile, charge/discharge rates are low–reducing cooling system requirements and stress on batteries and electronics
• Without the diesels it is possible to eliminate the heat, humidity, and vibrations from the environment that contains critical equipment, drastically reducing maintenance of these systems and prolonging their lives
• Eliminates fuel tanks, operations and maintenance required on traditional marine vessels

IWSA Member
Address1800 NW 69th Avenue Plantation FL 33313
Phone+1- (954) 791-1500