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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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Island Ventures/Clean Voyages – IWSA Supporter

Island Ventures SV Kwai

Clean Voyages Logo

We develop commercial sail for Pacific Islands cargo and ocean plastic recovery. Presently we seek to outfit another ship for our existing cargo business in the central Pacific and to continue efforts to research and clean up the North Pacific Garbage Patch.

Island Ventures Ltd and Clean Voyages are committed to the use of sail power for transport to the remote Pacific Islands. For 15 years our SV Kwai provided service from Hawaii to the Line Islands of Kiribati and to the Cook Islands and among the Outer Islands of each group. Today this market is wide open for efficient sailing ships. Traditional or modern rigs can both work here and the public and private sectors call out for service. Recovery of ghost nets and ocean plastic is another good fit for a well found sailing ship. We can reach the Gyres, following the prevailing winds and currents, and stay on the grounds burning little fuel, while collecting plastic efficiently.


IWSA Supporter
Address16-566 Keeau Pahoa Rd #188-369
Keeau HI 96749
Phone+1808 756 8078