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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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IWSA Workstreams

IWSA Workstreams

Work Stream Development

IWSA members and supporters will be working on a series of important work streams that will tackle some of the key barriers to the uptake and growth of the maritime wind propulsion sector. We will be looking to develop innovative solutions and to collaborate with external organisations to produce concrete results and generate pathways and structures to enable the sector to grow.

If you are interested to get involved with any of these work streams or would simply like to be kept informed on the progress, please contact the coordinators listed below for more information.

Preliminary meetings were held in December & January, and work stream targets and approaches are being discussed. More information will be posted as the work streams progress.

WS1 – Policy
contact – Gavin Allwright –

WS 2 – Technical Standards, Rules, Certifications
contact – Patrick Englebert – patrick.englebert(at)

WS 3 – Finance
contact – Siegfried Manzel  – sm(at)

WS 4 – Communications
contact – Diane Gilpin  – Diane.Gilpin(at)

WS 5 – Market Transformation
contact – Madadh MacLaine – madadh.maclaine(at)