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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Laulagun Bearings – IWSA Associate Member

Laulagun Bearings Logo

LAULAGUN BEARINGS designs, manufactures and markets special large-size bearings and slewing rings up to 5m outer diameter. Supplies to leading multinational brands with high quality as well as design requirements.
Innovation and ongoing improvement as hallmarks. The company is constantly investing in technology, training and machinery to ensure being at the forefront of technology. The purpose of this is to offer large, robust and reliable bearings together with greater production capacity, thus ensuring a competitive price in the market.

Slew bearings are one important component of many wind propulsion systems. Laulagun provides high quality bearings prepared to withstand a wide range of loads and atmospheres that would be exposed to. Thus, supports the aim of emission reduction by the use of green technologies as the WAPS.


IWSA Associate Member
AddressPoligono Harizti 201
20212 Olaberria