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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Magnuss – IWSA Member

Magnuss – IWSA Member


Magnuss is a maritime technology firm that produces a suite of fuel efficiency technologies to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of today’s global shipping fleet. Chief among them is the Magnuss VOSS™ or Vertically-variable Ocean Sail System, a mechanical sail earning critical acclaim for its innovative design and fuel savings potential.

Magnuss developed and patented a class-approved mechanical sail for dry bulk carriers and tankers that reduces fuel consumption up to 50%. The sail is a 100-foot tall spinning, hollow, metal cylinder that propels a ship. The Magnuss VOSS is unique and different than traditional fixed Flettner rotor designs in its ability to fully retract. Effective across 290 degrees of wind blowing 5-40 knots. Enables the ship’s main engine to be throttled back while maintaining voyage speed. Applicable for tankers and bulkers. The signature transformable configuration is important for reducing drag in unsuitable conditions. For dry bulk carriers, the VOSS may be stowed below deck when loading and unloading in port.

IWSA Member