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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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Maine Sail Freight – IWSA Member

Maine Sail Freight – IWSA Member
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Maine Sail Freight’s mission is to re-enliven historic traditions linking local lands, seas, people and foods. MSF will launch an annual sail freight voyage engaging food producing partners, cargo delivery partners, educational organizations, and the public.
We believe through this effort awareness and support can be built for the complex issues facing the next generation of producers and locally owned businesses on land and sea in the 21st century.

IWSA Member

Maine Sail Freight’s trade route will stretch from Maine’s Mid-Coast south to Boston Harbor. Using primarily wind-power the Harvey Gamage will carry a cargo of Maine grown and processed food, branded as Maine Sail Freight goods. This portion of the project will evoke a sense of the historic, while informing dockside visitors of contemporary wind-powered trade such as;

Andreas Lackner, Fairtransport
Marcus Rowden, GrayhoundLugger Sailing
Hans Zeeldieb, Onion Johnnies
Emily Penn, EXXpedition
Jo Royle, Ocean’s Advocate
Mike Longman,The Chocolarder
Kate Rich,Feral Trade

Sail Freight Projects
Address2175 Lakeshore Rd Essex NY 12936 USA
TelSeverine Fleming, director, +1-415-299-1436
Abby Sadauckas, +1-207-948-3022
EmailAbby Sadauckas

Secondary contact: Inés Chapela