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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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Mathis Rühl Architecture Navale – IWSA Supporter

Mathis Rühl Architecture Navale – IWSA Supporter

Naval architecture can be described as the art of making the synthesis between functionality, aesthetic and engineering for moving habitacles on the water. Listening to the desire, understanding a need, imagining a solution, preparing a realisation, this is how I would define my work.

Coming from the leisure boat industry, mainly designing sailing boats, my experience and the size of the projects grew up in parallel. At a certain point, conventional rig weren’t any-more adapted because of the size and weight of the components. Other solutions had to be found, allowing the crew to be replaced by automated systems. Approaching the super-yacht industry, I realized that an automated sail plan could become an interesting alternative to combustion propulsion. Then, the link between a cleaner super-yacht and a cleaner cargo was tempting, leading to this new type of rig.

IWSA Supporter
AddressMathis Rühl Architecture Navale,
Nice, France
Phone+33 601 764 470