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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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MAURIC SA – IWSA Associate Member

MAURIC SA – IWSA Associate Member

MAURIC is a French company leader in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and focused on many types of commercial vessels from 12 to 150m: passengers vessels, service vessels, fishing vessels, research and survey vessels, search and survey, patrol and navy vessels.
80 years of experience in vessel design provide us a strong know-how in hydrodynamics, hull form design and stability, structure design and equipment integration.

MAURIC is fully engaged in the environmental challenges and decarbonation of the maritime transport, being involved in several sailing commercial vessels but also H² vessels, hybrid propulsions, etc.
André MAURIC was a pioneer in naval architecture, from the 40’s to 80’s and has designed most of the French iconic sailing boats of this period (Pen Duick VI, First 30, France, etc.). He has also designed the “Alcyon” research vessels for Commandant Cousteau.
Nowadays we are involved on several projects of modern sailing commercial vessels like “Neoliner” for Néoline Company.
We are convinced that the Wind Energy is one of the key points of the energy transition, as it will reduce the fuel requirements of the vessels and will open the door to alternative zero-carbon energy (like H², ammonia, etc.)


IWSA Associate Member

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