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International Windship Association | July 16, 2024

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IWSA logo

Wind Propulsion Hubs
IWSA Europe – Atlantic (Nantes, France)
IWSA Pacific (Marshall Islands)


ABL Group (United Kingdom)
ADD Technologies (France)
Advanced Wing Systems (Australia)
Africa Express Line (United Kingdom)
AirSeas (France)
American Bureau of Shipping [ABS] (USA/Denmark/International)
Anemoi Marine Technologies (UK)
Aries Energy Solutions (Germany)
Aurelia Design (Netherlands)
AYRO (France)
Azolla (Singapore)
BAR Technologies (UK)
Becker Marine Systems (Germany)
Ben Kimura-Gross – Taiwado (Germany/Japan)
Blue Planet Shipping Ltd (Greece)
Blue Schooner Company (France)
Blue Technology (Denmark)
Blue Wasp (Italy/Netherlands)
Bluewater Engineering (UK)
Boomsma Shipping (Netherlands)
Bound4Blue (Spain)
Bureau Veritas (France/International)
Buro Blue/Green (Netherlands)
Cargill (Switzerland/International)
CargoKite (Germany)
Chantiers de l’Atlantique (France)
ClassNK (Japan/International)
CoFlow Jet (USA)
Computed Wing Sail [CWS] (France)
Crain Technologies (France)
Dasivedo Design Ltd (Canada)
Dealfeng New Energy Technology (China)
Detlev Löll Ingenieurbüro GmbH (Germany)
D-ICE Engineering (France)
DNV (Norway/International)
Dykstra Naval Architects (Netherlands)
Energy Ship (Germany)
Ecoclipper (Netherlands)
eConowind BV (Netherlands)
Enkhuizen Nautical College (Netherlands)
Fair Ferry (Netherlands)
Fair Transport (Netherlands)
Finocean (Finland)
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI (Germany)
Fraunhofer IWES (Germany)
Go Sail Cargo (Australia)
Grain de Sail (France)
Green Marine (Canada)
GT Green Technologies (UK)
Hamburg School of Business Administration [HSBA] (Germany)
HHx blue (Germany)
HSVA Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt GmbH / Hamburg Ship Model Basin (Germany)
IDMM (Netherlands)
INHA Technology College (South Korea)
Inerjy (US)
Insensys (UK)
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd [“K” Line] (Japan)
Laulagun Bearings (Spain)
Liebherr-Components AG (Switzerland)
Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group (France)
MAURIC SA (France)
Magnuss Ltd (US)
Maine Sail Freight (US)
MARIN (Netherlands)
MARIKO [Maritimes Kompetenzzentrum Leer gemeinnützige GMBH] (Germany)
McFarlane ShipDesign (Monaco)
Mer Forte (France)
Michelin (France)
Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport [MCST] (Marshall Islands)
MIDES design (Slovenia)
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd (Japan)
Modern Merchant Sailing Vessel (Germany)
NAOS Ship and Boat Design (Italy)
NAPA Group (Finland)
Nayam Wings (Israel)
NEOLINE (France)
New Dawn Traders (UK)
Norsepower (Finland)
Norwegian Ship Design (Norway)
One Sails (UK)
Pacific Green Technologies (UK)
Peace Boat Ecoship Project (Japan)
Peutz BV (Netherlands)
Porcher Industries (France)
Propelwind (France)
RINA (Italy/International)
Rondal (Netherlands)
Safmo International Logistics (China)
Sailline Fish Ltd (UK)
Schormanns Maritima (Germany)
Seagate Sail (Italy)
Seven Ocean Research (Australia)
SINTEF Ocean (Norway)
Smart Green Shipping Alliance (UK)
Southern Spars (UK)
SSPA (Sweden)
Stephenson Harwood (UK & International)
Steve Kozloff Designs (USA)
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering, Co, Ltd (Japan)
TankerProa (US)
Team Malizia (Germany)
The Bessie Ellen (UK)
Thordon Bearings (Canada)
Timbercoast (Germany/Australia)
TU Delft (Netherlands)
Vaisala (Finland)
Vesconite Bearing (South Africa)
Vindskip/Lade AS (Norway)
VPLP (France)
Wallenius Marine AB (Sweden)
Wartsila (Finland/International)
Wind Challenger (Japan)
Windship Technology (UK)
Wind Support NYC (US)
Windvinder (Germany)
Wind+Wing Technologies (US)
Wing Force Partners (Australia)
World Ocean Council (US & International)
WWF International (UK)
Yara Marine Technologies (Norway)
Zéphyr & Borée (France)


Velic Consulting (France)
Dr. Hini Abdelhamid – Retired – Former Maritime Lecturer at National High Maritime Institute (Algeria)
Simon Morin (Sweden)
Shiloh Badman (Canada)
Johnathon Seagrave (UK)
Dr. Vusal Jivishov (Azerbaijan)
Eric Plumlee (USA)
Pablo Albers (Finland)
Deniz Tugay (UK)
Aegean Cargo Sailing (Greece)
Navalt Solar and Electric Boats Pvt Ltd. (India)
Charles Southcott, Royal Navy, Ship Science l Maritime Engineering l University of Southampton (UK)
Ocean Master Engineering (Singapore)
SkyData UAV (US)
Nelson Garcez (US)
Dr. Asokendu Samanta – Indian Register of Shipping (India)
SLt Gaurav Tehlan – Naval Construction Officer, Indian Navy (India)
Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore (France/International)
Stefano Scarpa, CEng, MBA (UK)
Vidal Denis (France)
Syroco (France)
Kieron Moore (UK)
Sustainable Sea Transport Initiative (Fiji)
Nantes Saint-Nazaire Développement
Hexcel Corporation (UK)
Beyond the Sea (France)
Prospect Law (UK)
Satchel Douglas, Naval Architect (USA)
Green Transition Denmark (Denmark)
SICK AG (Germany)
Sailink (Switzerland)
SubSeaSail (USA)
Nithin Padmanabhan, Cochin University of Science and Technology (India)
Christiaan De Beukelaer, University of Melbourne (Australia)
Green Marine Concepts BV (Netherlands)
Falls of Clyde International (Scotland)
Cape Horn Engineering Ltd (UK)
Derian Boer (Research PhD Student, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany)
Enric Julià Lluis (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Dougal Anderson (Port Jackson, Australia)
Frank Berrens, CEO Berrens Maritime  (Netherlands)
CRODA (UK) (France)
Raffaele Frontera: C-Job Naval Architects (Netherlands)                                                    
XP Sea (France)
Times Up (Austria)
Dr. Hannes Renzsch, FluidEngineeringSolutions GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Filippos Moschonas (Qatar)
Vladislav Sidorenkov-Duprez, Wind Propulsion Engineer (France)
Seastel Marine System (Shanghai) Co. Ltd (China)
eOdyn (France)
Center for Post Carbon Logistics (USA)
Mathis Rühl Architecture Navale (France)
Avelaj (France)
Zéphyr & Borée (France)
Capt.Raghuraman Kesavan (India)
Mr. Epaminondas Banos, Chemical & Environmental Engineer (Greece)
Baptiste Labat – Nautilabs/Project Robokite (France)
Professor  Michele Acciaro, Associate Professor of Maritime Logistics at Kühne Logistics University [KLU] (Germany)
Pacific Islands Development Forum [PIDF] (Fiji)
Bosgraaf Yacht Design (Netherlands)
Peter Mollema, Strategy Advisor Port of Rotterdam Authority (Netherlands)
Arista Shipping
Energy Tactics
Britannia Sailing Trust (UK)
Finn Volger – Engineer, Caterpillar (Germany)
Claudio Boezio – Naval Architect (Germany)
Therese Canning – Postgraduate researcher, University of Exeter (UK)
VoyageVert (UK)
Stretch Space(UK)
Deltamarin (Finland)
Siegfried Wagner NA (Germany)
Sea-Change Sailing Trust (UK)
University of South
Pacific (USP) – South Pacific
Province of Fryslan (SAIL Program – Netherlands)
UCL Energy Institute (Sustainable Shipping – UK)
Heinz Otto, Windschiffe, (Germany)
Trans Oceanic Wind Transport (TOWT) (France)
Dr. Peter Nuttall – Pacific Centre for the Environment and Sustainable Development
Portsmouth University (UK)
Plymouth University (UK)
North Sea Foundation (Netherlands)
El Nino Clipper (Federated States of Micronesia)
Atlantis Trading Company (Commercial) (Netherlands)
Lo Entropy (Denmark)
Sailing for Sustainability (Fiji)
Greenheart Project (Japan)
Dr. Chris Rynikiewiicz,  Independent consultant low carbon transition (UK/France)
Fiji Voyaging Society (Fiji)
Carbon War Room (Shipping Efficiency)
Dr. Claus Schriver, KFW (Germany)
Vally Athanasopoulou, Greenpeace International (Netherlands)
Dave Walsh, Arctic, Antarctic and Oceans Campaigner & Communicator
Peter Schenzle, HVSA (rtd) (Germany)
Isabelle Rojon, Research Consultant, U-MAS (UK)
Prof. Richard Birmingham – Univ. of Newcastle (UK)
Emden Leer Hochschule (Germany)
Catherine Austin – The Marine Consultant & Blue Green Events (UK)
Katell Jaouannet, E&E Consultant (France)
Taratari Shipyard (Bangladesh)


Membership is open to companies, organisations and individuals active in the marine wind propulsion sector.

Full Members – made up of active projects that are already taking concrete action in the field of wind ship development (ships, projects, products, trade). This membership will come with full voting rights, opportunity to be members of steering committee.

Associate Members – made up of all other companies, industries and organisations that are already taking concrete action and supporting the field of wind ship development (industry, ports, ship design, equipment development, logistics, trade etc.) or are heading in that direction.

Supporters – Individuals, companies, associations and groups (media, academia – students & researchers and the leisure maritime sectors) that share our vision and are willing to support it.

To register as members or supporters please contact us at:

IWSA Executive Committee
Charlie Bogue (Wind + Wing Technologies)
Tuomas Riski (Norsepower)
Siegfried Manzel (ConZES Zero Emission Solutions representing: Energy Ship, Autares & Modern Merchant Sailing Vessel)
Stephanie Lesage (Airseas)
James Rhodes (Magnuss)
Nick Contopolous (Anemoi Marine Technologies)
Lise Detrimont (Association Wind Ship)
Greg Johnston (Advanced Wing Systems)

IWSA Secretary General – Gavin Allwright

Fee Structure
Annual Membership Fees (UK members only +VAT)

Full Member – Large (more than 250 employees) – €5,000
Full member – SME (more than 10 employees) – €1,000
Full member – individual/micro organisation/NGO (up to 10 employees) – €400

Associate member – Large (more than 250 employees) – €2,500
Associate member – SME (more than 10 employees) – €500
Associate member – individual/micro organisation/NGO (up to 10 employees) – €300

Registered Supporter – Company – suggested donation – €100
Registered Supporter – individual/micro organisation/NGO  – FREE + donation **

*NOTE: Only UK members need to add 20% VAT to their membership fee.

**NOTE: Supporter – No Charge – [Voluntary ‘membership fee’ to cover costs is welcome – €50 or donation]

Communication Packages

For sponsorship and bespoke communication packages, please contact us at: