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International Windship Association | July 14, 2024

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NAPA – IWSA Associate Member

NAPA offers software and data services for ship design and operations. NAPA for Ship Design is a defacto-standard to design all innovative ship types and offshore structures. NAPA for Ship Operations provides actionable insights to ensure ship safety and optimal fuel efficiency at all times.

NAPA Voyage Optimization is a weather routing software that helps choose the best route to minimize fuel consumption and emissions. It takes into account weather, currents and vessel design, including wind-assisted propulsion, to build ship-specific digital models. This enables assessing and predicting vessel performance under different conditions. In fact, research shows, the combination of wind propulsion technology and NAPA Voyage Optimization can reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to an impressive 24%.


IWSA Associate Member
AddressNAPA Group
Tammasaarenkatu 3
00180 Helsinki
Tel+358 50 4302600