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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Oceanfoil – IWSA Member

Oceanfoil – IWSA Member


Oceanfoil is the maritime technology company pioneering proven aerofoil solutions for the global commercial shipping fleet. Our technology is a propulsion-assist aerofoil sail, or “wingsail” that captures the power of the wind to generate renewable energy to supplement traditional propulsion.

In partnership with leading ship designer and marine technical support engineers BMT, Oceanfoil has proven that its wingsail technology can achieve an average fuel consumption and emissions saving of 14.6% on a mid-sized tanker vessel and up to 20.0% in certain wind and sea conditions.

The assessment considered a system of four Oceanfoil wingsails over the course of a year on a 183 metre, 50,000 tonnes deadweight (dwt) Panamax vessel operating in the north Atlantic. The results demonstrated renewable wind energy for ship propulsion as a key solution for the shipping industry, as it seeks to lower its carbon footprint and reduce fuel consumption and associated costs, following a significant increase in stringent regulation to improve the industry’s sustainability.

Based on these results, and at current fuel prices, a shipowner would achieve fuel cost savings equivalent to a payback of just 3.86 years – with fuel cost savings set to rise considerably post-2020 and the introduction of the ‘global ECA’, which stipulates the burning of more expensive fuel with a sulphur content of lower than 0.5%. At the potential fuel price of US$625 per tonne by 2020, the pay-back from installing Oceanfoil wingsails would be 2.74 years.

In addition, with IMO targets for carbon reduction set at 40% by 2030 and 50% by 2050, Oceanfoil’s wingsails provide a real and tangible solution to meeting compliance today, not tomorrow; as a ‘retrofittable’ solution, Oceanfoil’s wingsails can ensure new vessels can be future proofed for compliance.

Best suited for mid to large sized tankers and general cargo vessels, Oceanfoil’s in-house team of experts and partners work with shipowners and operators to provide a comprehensive and integrated system of cameras (to support safe navigation) and fuel and emissions savings measurement and monitoring software located on the bridge — none of which require crew intervention.

Our mission is to optimise wind power for a decarbonised shipping sector, and we are committed to delivering a world leading propulsion-assist aerofoil technology that can support a new era of maritime wind power.

IWSA Member

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