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International Windship Association | July 14, 2024

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Peutz BV – IWSA Associate Member

Peutz BV – IWSA Associate Member


Peutz is an independent research consultancy (established 1954) with a strong presence in the maritime and offshore industry. Peutz has expertise in aero- and hydrodynamic research for shipbuilding and offshore structures, noise and vibration control, underwater acoustics and fire safety. We operate a unique set of laboratories; a wind tunnel, building physics laboratory, acoustics laboratory and fire safety testing laboratory. With the combined expertise in different research fields one of the key goals is to expand our research to support the development of wind assisted propulsion technologies.

Since the establishment in 1954 Peutz has expanded in different fields of research and has grown to a well-established independent research consultancy. The multi-disciplinary knowledge of over 200 consultants is applied to a wide range of projects from flow technology to noise & vibrations control and optimisation of working conditions to fire safety. Customised solutions are created by linking laboratory research, field measurements, numerical simulations and expert knowledge.

In the field of flow technology, many projects are performed in the in-house atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel in combination with CFD simulations. Some typical research areas for ships are wind load meaurements, exhaust gas dispersion measurements and helideck trubulence and hot gas plume measurements. For the wind load measurements we have participated in the Wind Load Joint industry project induced by MARIN, togheter with other international research facilities. The wind load JIP is an international research initiative aimed at setting new standards for wind tunnel measurements of wind loads and CFD calculations for the maritime and offshore industry. We are expanding our services in the maritime sector with reserach on wind assisted propulsion technologies.

IWSA Associate Member
AddressLindenlaan 41
6584 AC Molenhoek
The Netherlands
Phone+31 24 3570707