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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Propelwind – IWSA Member

Propelwind – IWSA Member

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PROPELWIND is a R&D/Engineering center, with the vision to maximize the use of wind for cargo ship propulsion, using all the disciplines of the technology from the top sailboat competition, combined with vast shipping and shipbuilding experience and know-how. PROPELWIND and its associated team will develop wind propulsion solutions for main- or assistance to propulsion, from feasibility to assistance in operation, including concept, performance calculations, arrangement and cost estimate.

IWSA Member

The first mission of PROPELWIND has been to demonstrate the feasibility of using the wind for main propulsion, identifying the applicable ship type and size, selecting the most appropriate wind device (the rigid articulated wingsail) and calculating the performance by state-of-the-art CFD’s combining hydro- and aerodynamics, and routing simulations.
PROPELWIND has then completed a comprehensive study to evaluate the fuel saving on an existing commercial ship using primarily the main engine for propulsion and a set of wingsails for wind assistance. Thousands of routing simulations have been carried out on a regular commercial route, back and forth, providing a 30% average fuel saving.
The available toolbox can be applied likewise to evaluate any other sensible wind-engine.
Tel+33 626 872 985