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International Windship Association | July 14, 2024

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RINA – IWSA Associate Member

RINA – IWSA Associate Member

RINA provides a wide range of services across the Energy & Mobility, Marine, Certification, Infrastructure & Real Estate and Industry sectors. With net revenues in 2021 of 533 million Euros, over 4,600 employees and 200 offices in 70 countries worldwide, RINA is a member of key international organizations and an important contributor to the development of new legislative standards.

RINA is deeply involved in the sector of Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) for ships and yachts worldwide. As IACS classification society supports makers, yards and owners  for the technology certification of sails, rigging, wing sails, flettner rotors, kite sails according to class rules and international regulations as developed by IMO. The approval process is based on strength and  stability assessment, material testing of WASP equipment and validation of benefits for the calculation of EEDI, EEXI and CII according to MARPOL Annex VI.

RINA has quite a significant amount of sailing ships under its classification such as yachts, sail cargo vessels and sail training vessels.

Moreover RINA is particularly involved in supporting worldwide customers in onshore and offshore wind projects. Specifically, the company provides energy market, energy assessment, design, safety engineering, inspection, meteocean, geotechnical/geophysical/geohazard studies, site studies, environmental characterization for physical and biological matrices, environmental impact studies and support for permitting procedures. RINA, therefore, supports its customers from the conceptual phase up to the operational phase of plants, passing through the authorization phase


IWSA Associate Member
AddressVia Corsica, 12 - Genova, Italy
PhoneRINA Germany GmbH, Kai Reichelt, +49 173 356 89 27