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International Windship Association | April 24, 2024

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SailCargo Inc. – IWSA Supporter

SailCargo Inc. – IWSA Supporter


Our mission is to direct the global maritime shipping industry towards carbon neutrality.  We will build & operate a combustion-free cargo sailing vessel by synthesizing old-world  ship building techniques with avant-garde energy & propulsion design. Our ship, Ceiba, will sail the Pacific Ocean.

SAILCARGO INC. aims to make a positive by being an effective, sustainable option. Through transporting freight with a wind-powered, carbon-neutral system, we offer a new way to look at the eco-factor of economy. Ceiba is a combination of traditional ship architecture and modern build practices: she will have a 100% electric engine which will be coupled with modern batteries, solar panels &  wind turbines to make all auxiliary power renewably sourced.  When sailing, the advanced variable pitched propeller will convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, stored in batteries.

IWSA Supporter
Nicoya Peninsula
Costa Rica
Phone(+506) 8625 0909 (Costa Rica)

Fax(+506) 8625 0909 (Costa Rica)