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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Schormanns Maritima – IWSA Associate Member


This sailing coaster or buoy tender/offshore supply vessel is in an advanced state of planning, with a 800GRT coaster as it’s base version, capable of delivering substantial fuel and emissions reductions.

Mainly focussing the shortsea sector all my development follow the target to reduce emissions out of fossile fuels for ship propulsion.

In form of meaningful combinations of all actual available technologically applications. Both on new build and as additional refitting of existing vessels, conventional sail equipments promises a high quote of lowering the negative environmental impact in operation.

As a kind of top-version even the demonstrated example SS Eileen II could be imaginable :

Assembled with a 30t vangless loading gear and all the necessary facilities for a freighter, the flushdeck hatch cover, laid with recycled plastic, opens a loading capacity of 94TEU or similar.

Including the deckload 124+TEU can shipped.

According to actual state of art in technologically manner the main propulsion will be achieved by a conventional rigg with a sail area of app. 1.800+sqm. All sailmanagement bases on hybrid-hydraulic systems, central controlled and remote operated from the wheelhouse without additional crew demand.

Necessary energy sources would be bio-fuel and/or H2, both for main engine, auxiliary generator, fuel cell and hydraulic aggregates.

To reach additional requests of low up to 0-emission-constellation hydraulic and electric storage devices and applications were implemented and meaningful operated by programmable logic controller.

IWSA Associate Member

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