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International Windship Association | February 4, 2023

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Schormanns Maritima – IWSA Associate Member

Schormanns Maritima – IWSA Associate Member


This sailing coaster or buoy tender/offshore supply vessel is in an advanced state of planning, with a 800GRT coaster as it’s base version, capable of delivering substantial fuel and emissions reductions.

Project Green Coastal Transport

Assembled with loading gear and all the necessary facilities for a freighter, the hatch cover, laid with recycled plastic, opens a loading capacity of 800+cum/24+TEU. The flush deck will be equipped for stowing a deck load of 20+TEU or similar. A sailing equipment bases on a 2-mast schooner, masthead-rigged with foresail plus jib over a head-boom, alternative staysail rigged. The foresail will be designed as a boom jib for self-tacking, the sails management will operate in whole with hydraulic systems. In the actual state of planning aside the main mast a conventional derrick, hydraulic based vangless system VELLE with a SWL ~ 30t, enables the ship to do all cargo work in the port self-sufficient. In addition the loading gear will be conditioned with several pipework for ship-to-ship supply tasks f.e..

The ship of course is fitted out with a sufficient main engine, bow thruster, all the modern navigation, communication and safety gear.

base version :

loa 69m

beam 15m

lhull 58m

sail area up to 1800sqm

freighter configuration  8-10 crew

Due to its size and equipment on board the ship will be able to sail long routes in all European coastal areas including the Baltic Sea

Main commercial benefit of this project planning will be the fuel saving on more than 40% of its operating distances by a meaningful combination of available and proved technologies

Optional to the LNG-based version with 400 cum LNG-tank beneath the forecastle-deck, the planning sees, following actual state of technology, also hydrogen as primary energy source.

Handling the sails will be supported by hydraulic furlers and winches without the necessity of extra manpower. All functions are central controlled on the bridge, plus external switch panels on different positions on deck.

In a cooperation with REAP Systems Co and several system supplier we will reach the goal of ”0-emission-phases” while consequent use of  the sails. A combination of LNG/ H2-based IC-engines, e-motors/generators / fuel cell technology feeding hydraulic aggregates plus power storage will enable us in phases of pure sailing to supply the hydraulic systems in total without any demand of GHG-emitting energy sources.

Utilizing all modern development in engine and generator technics and using the sails as main propulsion system in there different options, the ship will be able to hold a speed of 10+kn under sail and 12kn under engine drive.

IWSA Associate Member

AddressKellererstrasse 6
D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck