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International Windship Association | February 3, 2023

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Siegfried Wagner – IWSA Supporter

Siegfried Wagner – IWSA Supporter


At the moment, I am writing on research project applications, aiming to continue my work for my favourite topic: wind hybrid shipping. Occasionally I work as a skipper on sailing yachts (if the money runs out) and try to find a company which appreciates my efforts and qualification for the topic of wind hybrid shipping… which is not easy.

In 2015 I finished my masters degree for Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH). During my studies I developed a strong Interest in the topic of Wind Hybrid Shipping which eventually led to different study research projects in which I worked on the topic:

• In 2011 I did basic CFD (RANSE) research on the functionality and hydrodynamic effects of the Longkeels (raked keels like on the pilot cutters, the american great banks Schooners or in general sailing vessels before the age of supporting engine for backup). These keels were developed for heavy and large sailing ship hulls (the like we would use for modern sailing cargo vessels), have evolved over many centuries and proofed their reliability through continuous trial and error (survival of the fittest).

• In 2013 I did wind channel investigations concerning traditional Sailing Riggs of the pacific Island Region. These Sails are astonishing efficient and at the same time quite simple. Therefore their potential use in a modified way in commercial sailing cargo vessels could be of interest. Moreover these Sails are representative for the use of the vortex lift in the generation of the aerodynamic forces of these highly interesting types of sails.

• In 2015 I finished my studies at the technical University of Hamburg with my Masters Thesis “Hydrodynamic Analysis of Drift Forces of Commercial Sailing Vessels”. This work was carried out as a investigative CFD (RANSE) research to the effectiveness of different keel options. The main aspect has been to develop a keel system that will not penetrate beyond the bottom of the hull of the ship and which is fixed to the hull to keep it as simple as possible for economic reasons. Aspects like trim, heel and drift as well as the interacting effects have been analysed.

• In Cooperation with an like-minded industrial designer I developed different vessel concepts for future wind shipping solutions. This teamwork is still pushed forward in our spare time.

After I completed my studies I started to prepare different research projects (still without funding confirmation). I’m still looking for ways of financing these continued research to continue my work at the institute for Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory at the TUHH or the HSVA or maybe elsewhere, where my know-how on the topic is of value.

IWSA Supporter


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