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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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Spaera — IWSA Supporter

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Spaera is a technology start-up aiming to accelerate the transition of the maritime industry to net zero harmful emissions. We believe that utilising wind power to its full effect will enable the economics and operation of renewable-fuel based vessels to outperform traditional fossil fuels.

We are developing proprietary, scalable, wind propulsion systems, specifically intended for route and schedule bound commercial logistics operations at sea. Using latest generation Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation tools and industry leading aerodynamic expertise, we aim to deliver more useful power under a wider array of real-world conditions than currently available offerings. In parallel we are developing the route analysis and optimization tools to ensure operators can assess the beneficial impact, and harness the full potential, of wind assistance and renewable fuels on their fleet – before ever setting sail.

IWSA Supporter
Address10 John Street
United Kingdom
Phone+44 7851 097 054