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International Windship Association | January 27, 2023

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SSPA – IWSA Full Member

SSPA – IWSA Full Member

SSPA is an independent research institute based in Sweden. We supply maritime solutions for shipowners, suppliers, designers, shipyards, ports and maritime authorities worldwide.
In projects related to wind propulsion, SSPA is often the link between the supplier and the shipowner, providing independent 3rd party evaluation and design support.

SSPA can support with:

• CFD simulations for detail flow analysis and force predictions
• Model test in towing tank, sea keeping basin and cavitation tunnel
• CFD-EFD combined methods and cross check with model test database for increased accuracy in performance predictions
• Ship simulation and VPP for performance prediction
• Manoeuvring and sea keeping predictions
• Route analysis and prediction of total CO2 reduction potential
• Independent 3rd party evaluation
• Design of Wind Propulsion System and optimum position on vessel
• Risk assessment
• Logistic considerations

Ongoing projects include:
Wind Powered Car Carrier
Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP)

IWSA Full Member
AddressSSPA Sweden AB
P O Box 24001
SE-400 22 Göteborg
Phone+46 31 772 9000