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International Windship Association | June 16, 2024

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Stretch Space Ltd – IWSA Supporter

Stretch Space Ltd – IWSA Supporter



Stretch Space is a young dynamic company providing high quality historical met-ocean data on wind conditions, sea states and currents.  Assessments can be performed for specific geographical coordinates or real-lifemovements of a vessel.  Met-ocean consultancy services can also be supplied through a specialist oceanographer.


Stretch Space is supportive of technologies which reduce the environmental impact of shipping. 

Applications include assisting IWSA members in:
– Quantifying the efficiency savings from their technologies, based upon real-life vessel movements
– Targeting business development at customers most likely to benefit from installing their technology
– Understanding the engineering impact of storm risk

Global met-ocean data is provided from state-of-the-art models, assimilating observations from meteorological satellites to provide a high temporal resolution.  The company is experienced in the use of vessel tracking data sourced from vessel Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponders.

IWSA Supporter
Address50 Grange Road, Guildford, GU2 9PY, UK