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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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Timbercoast – IWSA Member

Timbercoast – IWSA Member
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To revive cargo shipping under sail, linking sustainable producers with conscious consumers while preserving the environment for future generations.

IWSA Member

We are going to offer wind-powered cargo shipping. Our 1920’s schooner Avontuur will set her sails from Germany to Australia where we’ll set up a permanent trading route in the South Pacific. The statistics are clear, the current 90,000 plus container ships are destroying our oceans and spewing toxins into our atmosphere. In order for this global dependency to change we believe there must be a collaborative and viable alternative solution. Wind propulsion is a proven, clean and sustainable method of transporting cargo by sea.
We are going to offer consumers, honest producers and ethical investors the inevitable choice in oceanic shipping.

Marigraph design & solutions – Our naval design & engineering firm
Takel-Ing. – Our rig & ship interior designers
Top Sail Rigging – Our rigging contractors
Jade Hochschule of Maritime Studies – Our local university supporters
Maritime Cluster Nord Deutschland – Regional Supporters
AddressTimbercoast Pty. Ltd.
c/o Segelschiff Avontuur
Am Tidehafen 3
26931 Elsfleth, Germany