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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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Verna Inventions – IWSA Supporter

Verna Inventions – IWSA Supporter


Voile De Traction Auto Portée Pour Cargos: This invention consists of a naval installation that applies to cargo ships and container ships by recovering the strength of the wind, it is inspired by the free sailing type “Kitesurf” with this essential difference that the flying sail is carried by gases lighter than air and rises alone.


The patented invention consists of a draft sail which has one or more airtight compartments inflated with a gas lighter than air, it rises by itself and can not fall into water. A second patent, consisting of a set of 4 systems allows the sail to remain horizontal and to be governed by itself, the fact that it is stable horizontally instead of making somersaults, she can be driven from the towed boat that no longer needs to use its rudder. The elements constituting the two patents can be crossed.

IWSA Supporter

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