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International Windship Association | July 14, 2024

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Wind Propulsion Hub: IWSA Europe – Atlantic

Wind Propulsion Hub: IWSA Europe – Atlantic

Association Wind-Ship (APTMD-IWSA)

Emerging from the Europe Atlantic Hub launched in 2017, a group including some French IWSA members decided to accelerate the wind-ship’s sector momentum by pooling efforts. The core action is to blend local development and international networks. While supporting IWSA’s action on the international stage, the local group is also developing a local ecosystem to enable wind propulsion technology take-off.

Projects’ developers, future shipowners and wind-propulsion technology suppliers join forces to share best practices and pave the way for wind propulsion’s route to market – under the sign of friendliness and trust because the technological adventure will not be without human adventure.

The association relies on its President, Florent Violain and a board of directors including Adrien Simonet (Neoline), Nils Joyeux (Zéphyr & Borée), Denis Juhel (Mer Forte), Stéphanie Lesage (Airseas), Sylvain Faguet (D-ICE Engineering), Romain Grandsart (AYRO). Lise Detrimont acts as executive director to carry out Wind Ship’s missions.

AddressAssociation Wind-Ship (APTMD-IWSA), Nantes, France
Tel+33 (0)6 07 78 59 10