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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2021

Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2021



ABS, a leading provider of classification and technical advisory services to the marine and offshore industries, is committed to setting standards for safety and excellence in design, construction and operation. Focused on safe and practical application of advanced technologies and digital solutions, ABS works with industry and clients to develop cost-effective compliance, optimized performance and operational efficiency for marine and offshore assets. ABS has a commitment to support, promote and develop sustainability oriented technologies and measures for the Marine and Offshore industry. Wind Assisted and Wind Powered vessels are one of the drivers towards achieving sustainable operations and reducing GHG emissions reductions set by the IMO. 

Thordon Bearings is the leading manufacturer of bearing and shaftline products that eliminate grease and oil from marine equipment – deck/sailing equipment, propeller shafts, rudders and other shaftline products for the global market. Thordon provides a maintenance-free solution to replace greased bronze bearings, eliminating safety issues when manually greasing bearings in hard-to-reach locations onboard ships. Thordon non-metallic bearings are easily and safely machined; installation is quick and easy. Thordon’s line of zero-pollution products ensures that the merchant marine, workboat, passenger and Navy & Coast Guard vessels that have our products installed are not discharging oil or grease into the ocean and waterways.


Wärtsilä Marine Power leads the industry in its journey towards a decarbonised and sustainable future. Our portfolio of engines, propulsion systems, hybrid technology, and integrated powertrain systems deliver the reliability, safety, and environmental performance that Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine vision encompasses. We offer our customers performance-based agreements, lifecycle solutions, and an unrivalled global network of maritime expertise. 


MARIN is a globally recognised top institute for hydrodynamic and nautical research, extended with aerodynamics for wind propulsion. Our mission is ‘Better Ships, Blue Oceans’: we stand for clean, smart and safe shipping and sustainable use of the sea. We do this as an independent knowledge partner for the maritime sector, government and society. We support the decarbonisation in shipping by doing in depth and collaborative research into new propulsion, powering and energy configurations and we continue to improve methods do improve hydrodynamic efficiency, based on our 85 year experience. But we specifically also support wind propulsion in many research projects for the industry as a whole, as well as specific new build and retrofit projects. MARIN, Better ships, Blue oceans


The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), is an internationally renowned professional institution whose members are involved at all levels in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of marine vessels and structures. Members of RINA are widely represented in industry, universities and colleges, and maritime organisations in over ninety countries.


Kühne Logistics University (KLU) Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics (CSGL)  Kühne Logistics University (KLU) founded the Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics (CSGL) under the auspices of Hapag-Lloyd in 2018. The purpose of the CSGL is to combine rigorous academic research with practical experiences and insights in the area of shipping and container transport, to increase the competiveness of the sector, enhance its sustainability profile and contribute to the development of Hamburg as an international maritime knowledge hub. The CSGL research team focuses on the advancement of shipping and maritime transportation in areas such as digitalisation, sustainability and the creation of value.


Dealfeng New Energy Technology Dealfeng focuses on marine energy saving and emission reduction products in decade. It is a China based company, the main partners of the company are senior experts and designers in the shipbuilding industry. After years of innovation and progress, Dealfeng has developed into a high-tech company with independent intellectual property rights with 24M-4M rotor sails which has LR AIP certification. With innovative technology, excellent solutions and high-quality products, Dealfeng looks forward to bring shipowner better products and investment returns, and makes unremitting efforts for the global shipping carbon reduction cause.


Econowind is a Dutch based company, related to HCP and Conoship international, a ship design and engineering office in Groningen. Econowind is fully dedicated to wind-assisted ship propulsion. We developed the eConowind-unit, supported in the form of a subsidy by the European Union and the three northern Dutch counties (SNN) with the VIA funding for regional development. The company offers a series of wind-assist solutions based on the Ventifoil® system which can fixed to a vessel, deployed on a movable Flatrack system or the eConowind-unit where the ventifoils are placed inside a 40ft container, with the size of the foils not limited to the container size. The Ventifoil® is a wing shaped element using modern innovations in aerodynamics creating high propelling force relative to its size. Smart suction is integrated in the wing, resulting in double the force of the Ventifoil while reefing when needed.


Yara Marine Technologies provides technologies to enable a greener maritime industry. Since 2010, YMT has been a frontrunner in the emissions reduction industry. Today, Yara Marine offers a portfolio of green technologies, such as SOx scrubbers, fuel optimization systems, turnkey shore power solutions, and the cutting-edge, advanced wind-assisted propulsion system WindWings. Yara Marine works with ship-owners, yards, and naval architects as partners in its effort to reduce maritime emissions and drive the change towards a greener maritime industry. Yara Marine Technologies is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with branches in Sweden, Poland, and China. 

Green Marine is a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American marine industry. It is a rigorous, transparent and inclusive initiative that addresses key environmental issues through its 14 performance indicators. Participants are shipowners, ports, terminals, Seaway corporations and shipyards based in Canada and the United States.  The program encourages its participants to reduce their environmental footprint by taking concrete actions. To receive their certification, participants must benchmark their annual environmental performance through Green Marine environmental program’s exhaustive self-evaluation guides. They also need to have their results verified by an accredited external verifier and agree to publication of their individual results.


Norsepower’s mission is to reduce the environmental impact of shipping through the commercialisation of innovative and modern sail power. Norsepower Rotor Sails provide a reliable and easy-to-operate auxiliary wind propulsion system with a proven savings record. Norsepower Rotor Sails have until today been installed on board six ships and they can typically reduce fuel consumption and all related emissions by 5-20%.