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International Windship Association | June 19, 2024

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Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2021

Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2021

Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2021 – Virtual Awards Ceremony 

Following the key transport day at the COP26 today and to underscore the importance of positive, maritime decarbonisation projects and messages, the Wind Propulsion Innovation Award 2021 virtual awards ceremony was held on Thursday, 11 November from 0900-1030 UK time.

The 39 projects, papers and people were the shortlisted by a panel of judges drawn from across the industry, academia, wind propulsion advocates and some with general renewable energy/sustainability backgrounds. Judges Profiles  Altogether these categories have received over 40,000 votes.

“These awards have been an opportunity for us to celebrate just a small number of the positive wind propulsion developments in the industry. With a growing number of ships installed with wind propulsion systems and momentum building to deploy decarbonisation solutions that are ready to go today, we hope that these awards have provided the industry and wider public a glimpse of these exciting developments underway and the pipeline to come. We hope you will join us on Thursday!”  Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary General.

The awards are sponsored by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Thordon Bearings, Wärtsilä Marine Power, MARIN, The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), Kühne Logistics University (KLU) Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics (CSGL), Dealfeng New Energy Technology, Econowind, Green Marine, Norsepower and Yara Marine Technologies.  MORE ABOUT OUR SPONSORS

The awards will be streamed live from Glasgow as part of the Malin Spotlight series and can be watched on using the password: ShippingPostCOP26_L1VE_GlaCOP26



1 – Wind Propulsion Innovation Award

developers of innovative technology & ship designs. [Open Public Vote]

Anemoi Marine Technologies and Tufton Investment Management Ltd: Installation of Rotor Sails on Tufton’s TR Lady. Rotor Sails to be installed on a rail system to allow cargo operations on the bulk carrier to continue uninterrupted. Anemoi is a global leader in Rotor Sail technology for commercial vessels. Watch Video

AYRO & VPLP: Developers of the Oceanwing system – a light, compact system with far higher performance than conventional sails. Watch Video The first commercial installation of four unit on the 121m Canopee RoRo vessel currently under construction with delivery in 2022. Watch Video

Norsepower: Installation of Tilting Rotor Sails on Board the SC Connector – Norsepower is bringing sailing back to shipping; they are the leading global supplier of mechanical sails for large ships – harnessing the power of wind to create renewable energy to propel vessels and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Watch Video

Vale SA: Ecoshipping Rotor Sails on the MV Sea Zhoushan, VLOC (Very Large Ore Carrier) 325,000 dwt. This project is the first large ore carrier in the world equipped with rotor sails, the largest ship with sails installed and the greatest number of sails installed on one ship to date. Watch Video

Windship Technology:  The ‘Tesla of the Seas’ – the first True Zero Emission ship design with 48m high triple-wing rigs produce a driving force several multiples greater than single masted solutions of the same height. The rig is stowable on deck through a unique, innovative stowage solution to aid port navigation and cargo handling. Watch Video

WindWings: BAR Technologies in partnership with Yara Marine Technologies has developed a large solid wing sail of up to 40 meters in height fitted to the deck which is applicable to retrofit and newbuilds and will be installed on its first ship, a Kamsarmax bulker operated by Cargill next year. Watch Video

WISAMO: Engineered by Michelin, Powered by Wind – WISAMO is an innovative, large inflatable, foldable and automated wingsail using the universal and free energy of wind propulsion, operable on any vessel -cargo ships as well as yachting sailing boats- on new ones as original equipment or on those ones already operating. Watch Video


2 – Wind Propulsion Technology User Award

Companies championing the use of wind propulsion through prototype testing or commercial use of wind. [Open Public Vote] 

CMES – DSIC: China Merchants Energy Shipping and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC) are at the forefront of sail propulsion for large vessel types. This action started with the launch of the New Vitality, a 300,000dwt VLCC in 2018 with 2 x 30m x 15m retractable wingsails with another four sail outfitted 307,000dwt VLCC on order. Watch Video

Mitsui OSK Lines: MOL is a shipowner at the forefront of developing wind propulsion systems. including the Wind Challenger rigid sail, which will be deployed on its first vessel in 2022, the Delta Sail Crane Project, a sail mounted on ships’ cargo handling cranes and the Wind Hunter Project combing wind propulsion and hydrogen generation. Watch Video

Rord Braren:MS Annika Braren, part of the Rörd Braren fleet has been operating with an 18m x 3m wind rotor from the Leer based Eco-Flettner company for the last six months. The new rotor system is installed on the bow of the 86-meter-long, 5,035DWT multi-purpose freighter. Watch Video

Scandlines: Powered by the wind: in May 2020, Scandlines installed a 30m x 5m rotorsail on the hybrid ferry Copenhagen which operates as a RoPax ferry on the route between Rostock, Germany and Gedser, Denmark. Watch Video


Vale SA: Ecoshipping Rotor Sails on the MV Sea Zhoushan, VLOC (Very Large Ore Carrier) 325,000 dwt. This project is the first large ore carrier in the world equipped with rotor sails, the largest ship with sails installed and the greatest number of sails installed on one ship to date. Watch Video

Van Dam Shipping: Over the last 12 months , the Dutch shipowner has been operating the 3,600 DWT general cargo vessel MV Ankie which is outfitted with twin 11m bow mounted, retractable ventifoil systems. Watch Video


3 – Wind Propulsion Projects Award

Projects focused on policy, regulation, multiple technology development, R&D, network building or business development in the field. [Open Public Vote]

HHX-ESLA: This joint-venture based in Liechtenstein has been established by an experienced and professional team of finance and maritime experts that aims to provide finance to shipowners for the acquisition of ships as well as for the greening of their operations with the use of wind propulsion. HHX-ESLA provides advisory services to a fund with an est. US$100m within the next 6 months.


Oceanbird: The Oceanbird concept developed by Wallenius Marine enables shipping with 90% reduced emissions. Entering the realization phase, Wallenius and Alfa Laval are starting the new company AlfaWall Oceanbird, which will supply wind power systems to cargo vessels. Wallenius Wilhelmsen has announced that they intend to order a vessel of the Oceanbird concept: a car-carrier called Orcelle Wind that will be sailing in 2025.

WASP Project: The WASP (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion) project, is a three year project part funded by the EU Interreg North Sea Europe programme and brings together 15 universities, wind-assist technology providers with ship owners to research, trial and validate the operational performance of a selection of wind propulsion solutions on five vessels. 

Wind Hunter Project: The Wind Hunter Project led by MOL is the ultimate zero emission driving project, which combines wind propulsion sailing technology and wind energy converted to generate a stable supply of hydrogen. The project team aims to give a new and first step to realize a decarbonized and hydrogen society. 

WiSP JIP: The objective of WiSP is to overcome barriers to the uptake of wind-assisted propulsion (phase I completed & phase II now underway). The aim of this project is to cover the majority of all marketed wind-assisted ship propulsors and improve methods for transparent performance prediction, use the improved methods to provide ship owners/operators with fast low-cost predictions for their fleet and review the regulatory perspective. 


4 – Small Vessel Sector Award

Reserved for vessels and technologies developed for the small vessel segment, including traditional sail cargo, fisheries, small inter-island ferries etc.  [Open Public Vote] 


Advanced Wing Systems: Advanced Wing Systems Flat Panel Morphing, Semi Rigid Wing Sail – tried and tested high aerodynamic performance system, robust and cost effective for various rig configurations and can be automated. 

Blue Schooner Company:this French company is dedicated to shipping and selling selected cargo across the globe using only the power of the wind. A growing company, growing customer base and network. Watch Video

EcoClipper: EcoClipper is in the final phase of planning for a new prototype design: the ‘EcoClipper500’. This will be the first of a series of ships which will carry up to 36 trainees, 12 passengers and 500 tonnes of cargo across the globe. Watch Video

Grain de Sail: Completed construction at the end of 2020 of the first modern cargo sailboat. Our schooner-type cargo sailboat of 80 feet, the Grain de Sail, has a payload capacity of 50 tons and a state-of-the-art climate and stability-controlled hull for the goods making two transatlantic roundtrips per year.

Project Cerulean: A joint research and development collaboration between: Swire Shipping and the University of the South Pacific’s Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport. Building upon mature Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) technology, the pilot vessel construction will start in 2022 with operational trials in 2024. 

Sail Cargo Inc: the first emission-free cargo ship, Ceiba, is currently under construction in Costa Rica and will start operations 2022 and designed to carry 250 tons of goods. The ship is a combination of traditional ship architecture and modern build practices: she will have a 100% electric engine. batteries, solar panels & wind turbines to make all auxiliary power renewably sourced. Watch Video

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5 – Completed Research Award

Completed research papers/reports and projects that been impactful and have furthered our understanding of wind propulsion over the last five years. [IWSA Member Voting]

An agent-based model of climate-energy policies to promote wind propulsion technology in shipping – Richard Karslen, George Papachristos, Nishatabbas Rehmatulla (UCL, UK)

Harnessing wind energy on merchant ships: case study Flettner rotors onboard bulk carriers – Ibrahim S. Seddiek (Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt) & Nader R. Ammar (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia)

Influence of Kite Characteristics on Propulsive Power Applied to Ship Auxiliary Propulsion – Q. Penloup (Vulcain Ingénierie),  K. Roncin (French Air Force Academy) Y. Parlier (Beyond the Sea), France

Rotors and bubbles: Route-based assessment of innovative technologies to reduce ship fuel consumption and emissions – Bryan Comer, Chen Chen, Doug Stolz, Dan Rutherford, (International Council on Clean Transportation [ICCT], USA)

Study on the Analysis of Market Potentials & Market Barriers for Wind Propulsion Technologies for Ships Dagmar Nelissen, Jasper Faber, Saliha Ahdour (CE Delft, Netherlands), Michael Traut (Tyndall Centre, UK) Jonathan Köhler (Fraunhofer ISI, Germany) Wengang Mao (Chalmers University, Sweden)



6 – Proposed Research Award

Research category is for new proposals for research projects and papers. The shortlisted for this award will be forwarded for future consideration for research support under the future Wind Propulsion Accelerator program.

Search for Mass Market Solutions – Dasivedo Design

Standardized Universal Wind Propulsor Mount for Ships – Claudio Boezio

WASP Technology Simulation Project – Luiz Felipe, Naval Architect

Wind Propulsion Systems for Commercial Ships – Modelling, Design and Cost Optimization – North Technology Group


7 – Outstanding Contribution to the Wind Propulsion Sector Award

Awarded to an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to the wind propulsion sector.

Diane Gilpin – CEO, Smart Green Shipping

Bertrand Charrier – CEO, Charrier Consulting

Kazuyuki Ouchi – CEO, Ouchi Consulting

Lauren Eatwell – Head of Engineering, BAR Technologies

Marc Van Peteghem – Former CEO VPLP & Founder AYRO

Tuomas Riski – CEO, Norsepower



All submissions will be no longer than one-page long and any submissions received that are longer than this will be returned to the submitter with a request to reduce the length.

No cash prize is being offered, winners will receive a certificate and a banner for their website or other uses.

All those submissions shortlisted will be presented on this webpage and the final winner will be requested to make a short presentation at the virtual award ceremony.

Late submissions will not be accepted after the close of the stated submission date, unless a general extension has already been announced prior to the original submission deadline.

The voting system will be an automated one and the digital results will be retained confidentially for a minimum of one year after the voting is completed.

Judges will be asked to inform us of any conflict of interest – i.e. they have been involved with the project in question, hold shares or other financial interests in the project etc. If there is a conflict of interest, then the judge will be asked not to vote on that category of award. All judging material will remain confidential and at no time will judges be held liable for any participation in this shortlist judging process.

Sponsors may take part in the judging process, however they are equally bound by the conflict of interest clause.

IWSA will be responsible for collating the shortlist recommendations and adding these to the voting system and webpage. At no time will IWSA be responsible for the voting behaviour of the judges, the open vote or that of the IWSA members

The shortlist will be limited to 5-7 projects under each category. The top five will be guaranteed to make it through to the shortlist, with a sixth/seventh slot available for a close runner up, if there is one. In the case of a tie, or very close vote the number of first choice or ‘5’ scores will be deemed the separating vote, and so on down to ‘4’, ‘3’ etc. If it is deemed to be too close to call, then judges may be asked to tiebreak this with a simple Yes/No vote.

If there is any formal questioning of the vote, a mutually agreed third party will be appointed to access the voting and nomination results under a non-disclosure agreement and both IWSA and the person or group questioning the result will agree to abide by the that third party recommendation.

If you have any further questions, please send these to


IWSA will not be held liable for any actual or perceived damages created by participation in this awards procedure or through the voting process or publicity activities undertaken in the promotion and execution of these awards.

All disputes will be handled in an amicable and professional manner and where agreement cannot be reached and where necessary all parties agree to abide by a mutually agreed third party adjudication.