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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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Windship Technology – IWSA Member

Windship Technology – IWSA Member

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  Windship Technology is a groundbreaking and proven windsail system that gives Ship Owners and Operators facing increasingly restrictive cost and environmental barriers, an economical and robust solution.


With the ability to reduce fuel costs by up to 50% and cut CO2 emissions significantly, this technology stands apart from all other solutions with the ability to transform the future of shipping transportation.

Based on an Auxiliary Foil Propulsion System (AFPS), Windship technology usesthree 35-metre masts, each housing three aerodynamic wings to exploit the power of the wind. The system develops power as the speeds and angles of the wind change, allowing for reductions in engine power to be made without loss of speed, which enables Shippers to maximize their fuel and maintain speed of delivery.

Reduction in fuel consumption

Windship Technology can offer newly built ships a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 55% and where retro fitted onto an existing vessel, a reduction of up to 30%. Windship Technology enables cargo ships to leverage wind and engine power, reducing their dependence on fuel prices without relinquishing speed of delivery in the process.

Proven technology

Both Southampton University’s Wolfson’s Unit and Lloyd’s Register’s Technical Investigation Department (TID) have carried out independent tests that prove the reduction in consumption findings of up to 50%.

Robust environmental solution

Not only does Windship Technology offer significant financial benefits, its inherent reliance on wind power makes it a transformative environmental solution. It will offer Shippers a real ability to reduce their carbon emissions, which in an increasingly regulated market makes Windship one of the few solutions Shippers can deliver competitively in a more environmentally friendly future.

IWSA Member
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