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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Windvinder – IWSA Member

Windvinder – IWSA Member
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The unmanned Windvinder is the first headwind powered research vessel of the EXPEDITION TO THE ORIGINS OF THE WIND – a satellite on the ocean, steered by wind alone and driven by headwind. A wind turbine drives the ship’s propeller; a tail fin in the wind keeps the vessel on its never changing course: straight into the wind.

IWSA Member

Platform for ideas
In six years at sea the original ship has developed to a global expedition of a growing fleet of Windfinders – research vessels who invite to research: “Find out how this works, and make it better and bigger!” The single vessels are small because they have to be small: Their job is, literally, to bring people on board. Green shipping is a worldwide project. The majority of the inhabitants of this planet are normal people. They are not investors for oil tankers with Flettner rotors but they do have millions of vessels. And they do have ideas…

Project Windvinder Part 1
Think and think further: The swarm develops
Since 2008 the Winged Canoe is underway on the Pacific. Fishermen develop the unmanned vessel further – and start building own Windfinders. Completely different versions of headwind powered vessels appear – built on the islands from local material and local ideas by people who have refused since decades to be busy with wind…

Project Windvinder Part 2:
Expedition On the Track of the Windvinder, starting 2015.
We sail from the North Sea to where the growing fleet of Windfinders is underway, meet the islanders, make a film of what is developing there – and go on building… On board: windship people from the other end of the scale. This expedition is an international student workshop, where future naval architects and wind engineers from “western” industrial nations work together with Pacific islanders to develop the windships of the future. Turning headwind into a brainstorm… experiments that generate more than technical solutions.
Welcome on board!

Voyage and building projects on the ocean will be accompanied by talks, workshops and a traveling and interactive exhibition on land about the growing swarm of Windfinders.
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