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International Windship Association | July 14, 2024

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Wing Force Partners – IWSA Member

Wing Force Partners – IWSA Member


Wing Force Partners are a professional design group located in Sydney Australia and actively developing our WingSail technology.

At Wing Force Partners we have developed unique, semi-flexible, high efficiency, aerodynamic sections to mimic the albatross. Our flapless rigs produce ‘drive’ forces from zero to full ahead, to zero, to full astern, from the apparent wind – as quickly as you can read this sentence.  Apart from halyards to raise the ‘fabric’, they employ only two operational controls which can be computer operated. Even when stowed on the boom, the skin material may become an effective storm-sail. The cap and boom members add efficiency, serving several functions and becoming ‘wind fences’ which contain and direct the airflow. All forces within the ‘wind engine’ are fully or partially balanced so minimum servo-assistance is only (occasionally) required for maximum efficiency.  Conventional engines now use fuel management systems, instantly reacting to the load – while our rigs will anticipate the wind energy, to be trimmed for maximum affect, before the gust reaches the WingSail.

IWSA Member
AddressP.O. Box 581 Hazelbrook, 2779, Australia
Phone061 417 279 346