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International Windship Association | April 24, 2024

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Youth Poster Contest: “Wind Ship – The Future”

Youth Poster Contest: “Wind Ship – The Future”


The Time has Come for the Artwork Gallery and our Three Rounds of Voting

We are delighted to share the imagination, colour and vision of our young artists. The submissions are really inspiring and we will be exhibiting these posters at IWSA events around the world.

We will be running three rounds of voting with a winner and runners-up from each round. These rounds start with the PUBLIC VOTE which is outlined here, and will be open until Sunday 18th June.

Please view the artwork submissions in the three age group categories and you will have one vote per category. Each submission has it’s own reference number and the voting sheet link below will ask you to enter that number, it is as easy as that – enjoy!

Art Gallery – Age Categories

2-5 Years Old // 6-11 Years Old // 12-17 Years Old

Voting Sheet
(google docs)

Please Note: We ask you for your email to confirm that we only receive one vote / per category / per person. Your email address will not be retained or shared with any third party in alignment with our GDPR obligations


The other two rounds of voting will be by the Select Jury of Industry and Environmental Experts and by the IWSA members themselves.

We will announce the winners on Friday, 23 June, just ahead of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) discussions on the decarbonisation of the shipping industry. What better way to encourage high ambition and greater vision for the future!



We are delighted to announce the first International Windship Association Youth Poster Contest

We invite budding artists from all over the world to submit their original artwork on the theme of “Wind Ship – The Future”. Your poster, picture or short animated video billboard should transport us to a future where ships are powered by the wind.

Using wind to power ships is a powerful beacon of clean, green and sustainable pathways to living in harmony with our planet and we would love to see your ideas, your creativity, inspiration and dreams for these ships of the future.

Any technique is permitted to make the poster – this can be submitted in the form of a poster, a picture or an animated digital billboard (short video).


Categories: These will be divided by age groups and depending on the number of submissions, possibly by type of submission (poster, picture, animated digital billboard). All submissions should have a title, and a short caption (30 words) describing the work. You can send that in any language but it must be accompanied by a translation in English.

Age groups will be designated as the age when the artwork was submitted:
2-5 years // 6-11 years // 12-15 years // 16-17 years

Each participant or group can submit a maximum of two pieces.

There is no entry fee.

Submission Deadline Extension: We have made a second (and final) submission deadline extension. Please send your digital, scanned submissions by – Wednesday, 07 June 2023 

Digital & Scanned Submissions – send to
Physical submissions of artwork should be sent to arrive no later than 07 June, 2023 (these should be sent in a well packaged format flat or in a roll tube and you should email us at clearly indicating the name of the sender and the tracking number. Without a tracking number we can’t take responsibility for those arriving on time and being entered into the contest.
Postal Address: International Windship Association, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, England

Submissions after the 07 June will not be accepted.

The submissions will be uploaded to the online gallery and the public voting will be held during a ten day window between 08-18 June.

Judging: There will be three levels of judging, so you have three chances to show your work, three chances to inspire and ultimately three chances to win.

Select Jury – the first will be by a selected group of judges from across the shipping industry, maritime leaders and pioneers in the media, technology and so on. The list of Select Jury members can be found here

Public Vote – We will open up the gallery to a public vote, so your friends, family and the wide world can both be inspired by your creativity and imagination and also show their support for you and your ideas.

IWSA Members – we will also ask our members to select their favourite artwork too.

Contest Prizes: While we don’t offer cash or material prizes, we do however offer wide exposure for art from the winners and runners up in each category.

You will receive the following:

All Submissions
1 – Digital certificate of participation
2 – Place on a permanent gallery online.
3 – Notifications of Windship events, ship visits etc. in your country.

Winners & Runners Up
1 – Winners/Runners Up Certificate – digital and a framed version (sent to you)
2 – Prominent place on the permanent online gallery
3 – Notifications of Windship events, ship visits etc. in your country.
4 – Winners & Runners Up will be displayed digitally at IWSA events/exhibitions worldwide, including possible displays at our events at the UN, EU etc.
5 – Selected artwork may also feature in/on IWSA publications – including in future educational materials – copies of those materials will be sent to you.



Submission Conditions
Each participant or group can submit a maximum of two pieces.

There is no entry fee.

All submissions should be accompanied by a short title, a caption (no longer than 30 words) in any language but must be accompanied by an English translation.

The digital and physical formats should be no larger than A4 (297 x 210 mm) size.
Any animated/short video should run for no longer than 10 seconds.
All scanned or digital content should be sent at the highest resolution possible. Min 72dpi.

We prefer that materials are transferred using a link via which is a free transfer service up to 1GB. You then copy the link and send that along with the contact details and art title, 30 word caption and artists information to

All decisions will ultimately be made by the IWSA Executive Committee and those decisions will be final.

By submitting your artwork to this contest you agree to abide by and be bound by all of the conditions listed here.

All submissions must be sent by an individual adult over 18 years of age or through an adult representing an institution (school, club etc). The adult should submit all artwork via email or using a data transfer program such as Wetransfer or Dropbox along with full contact details, email, phone number (Adult only)

Submissions should only indicate the name of the artist/artists and their age and country. The use of full names should only be shared with the explicit written consent from the artists parents or legal guardians
Acceptable: Mary & John, 7 years old, France
Acceptable: Mary Smith & John Potter, 7 years old, France
Not Acceptable: Mary Smith (03/07/2016) and John Potter (04/08/2016), 32 Champs Alysee, Paris, France

The submission should not include any actual picture of the children producing the work and/or other minors. Any representation of adults should only be included with their specific, written consent.

At no time will any contact information be shared with members of the public, jury or IWSA members unless explicit written permission has been given by the artist/artists parents or legal guardian.

IWSA will take all reasonable means to protect the artwork and data, following our GDPR obligations

Content & Content Use
All submissions must be original, unpublished work and by submitting this work to the contest the submitter confirms that there is no breach of copyright or other such infringement to their knowledge.

The IWSA reserves all rights including the right to refuse any submission where it deems that such an infringement has occurred.

By submitting an artwork to this contest there is no explicit or implicit relationship established with or by the International Windship Association or any of it’s members.

By submitting the artwork to the contest, the IWSA is granted all permission to use and display the artwork. If the artist wishes to use the artwork for limited personal means that is acceptable, If the artist wishes to publish or otherwise use the work for commercial means, then IWSA must be notified of that in advance and given the right to refuse that usage on appropriate and reasonable grounds if it impinges upon any commercial or reputational aspects of the work done by the International Windship Association or it’s members.

This contest is supported by: