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International Windship Association | June 16, 2024

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Zéphyr et Borée – IWSA Associate Member

Zéphyr et Borée – IWSA Associate Member


To face with climate change, stock depletion of fossil fuels, IMO regulations, while meeting the consistent growth of global trades, Zéphyr & Borée combines wind energy and cutting-edge innovation to design modern sail cargo ships and promote eco-friendly transport. The propulsion of our cargo relies on logic energetic mix composed of low emission engine and a new type of wind propeller: articulated «wing-sails». This energetic model composed of renewable energies and clean technologies is a solution for maritime transport without impacting transit time.


Initially used on racing sailboats of the America’s cup, theses wing-sails are developed by our partner, the naval architecture firm VPLP design. The wing-sails have proven to have far-higher lift compared to conventional sails. VPLP design have been doing R&D since 2014 to design reefable wing-sails allowing their use on yachts and cargoships. In 2016, the first prototype was designed and successfully tested to validate the technology. The industrialiation of the manufacture of the wings is ensured by CNIM group, a French industrial engineering equipment manufacturer operating in the environment, energy, defense and high technology sectors.

IWSA Associate Member

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