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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Büro Blue/Green – IWSA Associate Member

Büro Blue/Green – IWSA Associate Member


Büro Blue/Green is a young and new consultancy agency that supports maritime companies in greening their daily shipping operations. The blue in our name stands for shipping and their important work at sea. Green is because we believe green shipping is the future. Only a healthy sea guarantees a future use of the sea. We know that measures to ensure sustainable shipping often are difficult and distracting from their core operations which are bringing goods from A to B safely. We help and support  to ensure these maritime environmental regulations and measures find their way within maritime companies in the best way possible.

Green shipping is the future, the only future. We believe a other fuels will fill the gap after fossil fuels have been banned from ships, but wind will be one of the best options. It’s clean, it uses free energy and modern technology makes it very feasible for modern shipping. It is a great resource since no other form of mobility can use it. Shipping itself is extraordinary critical about how to be green. With good reasons because adaptations cost a lot of money. Best practises need to be developed. Our company wants to develop to and promote best wind assisted propulsion.


IWSA Associate Member
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