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International Windship Association | July 14, 2024

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Crain Technologies – IWSA Member

Crain Technologies – IWSA Member

CRAIN - Logo

CRAIN Technologies is a R&D organization dedicated to sailing technologies and low emission propelling.
After having carried out many developments and research on sailing boats like sail cutting software, VPP, CFD, America’s Cup design..CRAIN has been developing Zero Emission ships for Alternatives Energies company.

CRAIN Technologies has already carried out several developments for Wind Propulsion of commercial ships:
– VPP for Wind Assisted Ship including modelization of various propelling systems( rotor, kite, suction sails)
– Routeing optimization in fixed time for Wind Assisted Ship
– CFD and Wind Tunnel analysis of suction sails based on the previous work of Mallavard-Charrier tested by Cdt Cousteau on Alcyone ship.
– A new Auxiliary Wind Propeller concept using Suction Sail profile.
CRAIN expects to test model of the new propeller concept next year.

 IWSA Member
Address52 rue Senac de Meilhan
Phone+33 4 46448717