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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Go Sail Cargo – IWSA Associate Member

Go Sail Cargo Vessel

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A 21st Century evolution of the cargo ketch. Nothing radical but a practical, efficient zero emission workhorse. 2 containers, 3 crew, 5 passengers.

Unashamedly designed to appeal to the accountants, the new clipper is set up for mass production. We push no risky boundaries but we do make full use of sensible technology with an efficient tried and tested ketch rig and electric roller reefing. The square sails are on carbon fibre yards and hoisted from the deck. A tough steel hull is fine-tuned for speed and good capacity – 2 containers plus 10 extra pallets. There’s efficient cargo handling systems, solar and re-generated input, all electric power and a sailing tender. The shallow draught hull has twin dagger boards, backup generators and ballast tanks yet still manages a rakish profile.

Every single aspect of this new boat has been carefully considered with a simple goal – build a better small trader and build hundreds of ‘em.

If you are serious about saving your soul and our beleaguered planet, talk to me about our innovative business plan. News Update_200913

IWSA Associate Member
Phone+61 7 5545 1015