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International Windship Association | May 27, 2024

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Nayam Wings – IWSA Member

Nayam Wings – IWSA Member


NAYAM WINGS is developing wind propulsion system composed of unique wing that produces high propulsive force (CLmax > 4). It is the unique system that can maintain ship’s stability while utilizing wind propulsion. Wings are automatically controlled and lowered in strong winds. The system lowers fuel consumption and emissions by 20% – 30%

NAYAM WINGS had built and tested in open sea a POC model with 8 meter 2 element wing with very successful results. The company is building its 3rd POC model with 9 meter 3 element wing on a 7 meter catamaran with telescopic mast, automatic control system that will control the wings 3D position for gaining highest propulsion and minimum heeling moment according to wind speed and direction. The system will have all the characteristics needed for big ships. We establish a consortium with wings construction factory, naval architects office, shipping services company and CFD water and air analysis office. We intend soon to enlarge the consortium with a shipyard, shipping company and classification society.

The company had been awarded a grant from the Israeli Energy Ministry.
The company was one of 20 innovators selected to pitch in the European commission’s
Blue Invest in the Mediterranean 2019 Conference in Malta.
• Our technology is a significant sustainable energy provider for flat deck maritime vessels and will assist in standing up to the IMO 2020 (and further on) restrictions. •
• Animation (30 seconds) of a flat deck ship maneuvering its 6 wings while changing sailing direction.
• Movie of maiden test sail of POC boat.

IWSA Member
AddressNayam Wings Ltd
P.O.Box 18
Hilla 2495300