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International Windship Association | June 17, 2024

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SINTEF Ocean – IWSA Associate Member

SINTEF Ocean – IWSA Associate Member

SINTEF Ocean (formerly MARINTEK) is an independent research institute located in Trondheim, Norway. SINTEF Ocean conducts research and development for ship designers, ship owners, suppliers, navies, shipyards, ports, and maritime authorities worldwide. 

SINTEF Ocean performs research in fields ranging from initial concept studies, to detailed design optimisation and ship system verification tests, with research at model scale, full scale, or through computation, depending on the task.

Through the combined use of our extensive facilities: the Towing Tank, Cavitation Tunnel, and Ocean Basin laboratories, equipped with specialised equipment and test techniques for wind assisted vessels, as well as through CFD simulations, advanced numerical tools, and route simulation software, SINTEF Ocean can support with:
Concept level performance and route predictions from model test databases and propulsor libraries.
Manoeuvring and seakeeping predictions.
Detailed analyses of design components, flow fields, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic forces, through model tests or CFD.
Free-sailing model tests in the Towing Tank and Ocean Basin laboratories, including the effects of wind assisted propulsion on propellers, seakeeping and manoeuvering characteristics.
Route analysis, routing, and fleet logistical studies, including the impacts on energy consumption, emissions and regularity.
Sea trials, analyses and evaluation of continuous data collection.
Third party evaluations.

Ongoing projects include:
Zero Emission Cruise Vessel, CruiZero
Zero Emission Coaster, ZeroCoaster


IWSA Associate Member
AddressSINTEF Ocean AS
Otto Nielsens veg 10
Tel+47 416 88 191
EmailSverre Anders Alterskjær