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International Windship Association | July 16, 2024

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Claudio Boezio – IWSA Associate Member

Claudio Boezio – IWSA Associate Member


Claudio Boezio is a freelancing State Certified Shipbuilding Technician based in Hamburg who specializes in clean powered vessels and provides a wide range of ship design services under his own brand, utopia navalisĀ®.

I develop clean powered concept vessels designed to operate free of harmful emissions. When wind conditions in the intended service area are favourable, a suitable type of wind propulsion is chosen and always complemented by electric propulsion to compensate for calms, for manoeuvring or to handle emergency situations.

I also provide a wide range of design services and can assist you with designing a vessel, starting from as early as brainstorming, through the classification process down to detail design for construction.

Have questions or wish to discuss your project? Feel free to contact me.

IWSA Associate Member


AddressClaudio Boezio
Woellmerstrasse 22
21075 Hamburg
Phone+49 176 99 05 40 23